Front Façade – SECON WingThe System Engineering and Control (SECON) Wing is mandated to train young officers and sailors on all aspects of operation and maintenance of Instrumentation and Control systems fitted onboard IN ships and to keep them abreast with the latest advancements in the field. SECON Wing, established in Feb 2014 also holds the mantle of training the recently initiated Control ERA and ME courses aimed towards complete takeover of machinery controls onboard by the Marine Engineering cadre. The Wing is equipped with ten laboratories/bays which include Basic Electronics & Test Equipment Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Microprocessor & Controller Lab, Fault Simulator Bay, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Trainer Bay and 3D Printer Lab providing futuristic training in the fields of Digital Electronics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Programmable Logic Controllers and 3D Printing. The Wing utilises work stations, trainer kits and fault simulators designed and developed in-house to equip trainees with requisite technical knowhow on the subject of machinery controls.

Basic Electronics Work Bench Digital Trainer Kit PLC Based Electro-hydraulic Trainer Kit

3D Printer & Engineering Products 3D Printer & Engineering Products

PLC & Servo Controller Lab