Shivalik – In-living Trainees Block Captain Anoop Chauhan (41092-R) was commissioned into Engineering branch of Indian Navy on 01 Jul 1985. He is alumnusd of 66th course of National Defence Academy and 56th course of Basic Engineering Course. He completed his Marine Engineering course from CMET in the year 1989 including watch keeping onboard INS Himgiri. Over his 33 years of Naval Service he has served extensively at sea as Engineering Officer of INSDB 56 and also had done two tenures on board and INS Anjadeep as Senior Engineer & Engineer Officer. He was first technical Officer to be appointed as Oi/C FDN-1 and was involved with refurbishment of FDN-1 at Srilanka from 2004-05. Apart from sea tenures he has also held various ashore appointments as instructor at INS Shivaji and at National Defence Academy, Manager Gas Turbine at Naval Dockyard (Vizag), SO1 at DGNP(V) and also as JCQAO at CQAE(MS), He took over the duties of PD(SW) at INS Shivaji in Jun 17 and as Project Director on 24 May 18.

War Memorial

The Project Department is entrusted with the mammoth task of ensuring efficient organization, control, management and coordination of all functions related to planning and execution of civil works, special repairs, maintenance, Married Accomodation Project and essential services (water and electricity) in Station Lonavla in tandem with the Garrison Engineer. The infrastructure which is spread across 860 acres of the Base includes training, accommodation and other support facilities. From war memorial to trainee in-living blocks, from the arterial road network to sports courts, from drill shed to DSC lines, this is one department which touches everyone’s lives. Moreover, Shivaji is probably the only base in the Navy with two artificial lakes created by construction of dams and acting as sources of captive water supply for approximately 6000 inhabitants in and around INS Shivaji. The responsibility of maintaining and monitoring the good health of these dams also lies with the Project department and MES. The Project Department is also the flagbearer of Unit’s green initiatives and efforts towards use of renewable energy which were fittingly acknowledged when the Unit bagged the FOCINC South and CNS trophies for Best Green Practices for the year 2016-17.

Shivalik – In-living Trainees Block Solar Panels for Clean Energy

State-of-the-Art Outdoor Courts State-of-the-Art Outdoor Courts

Shivsagar Dam Shivaji Dam