Front Façade – Steam WingCatering to the vintage yet still relevant mode of propulsion, viz. steam, the Steam Machinery Wing (SMW) was Established in 1975. SMW is the nodal centre for imparting instructions on construction, operation and maintenance of a steam propulsion plant along with the associated steam auxiliaries. The Live Bay of SMW simulates the environment of a Boiler Room/Engine Room of a steam ship, with the installed Y-160 boiler flashed up along with associated auxiliaries such as the Turbo Alternator, De-Salination Plants, etc. connected up. The bay also has an Integrated Machinery Control Room akin to a Godavari/Brahmaputra class of ships which completes the experience of steam machinery spaces for a trainee. The Wing also prides itself on having a prototype of the Vikramaditya boiler along with its Turbo Blower Unit housed in an exclusive Vikramaditya Training Complex. This facility has been created to train the ab-initio as well as PCT courses on the boiler fitted onboard the Aircraft Carrier.

Vikramaditya Training Complex Y-160 Boiler – Live Bay

Cruising Main Turbine – Live Bay 750 kW Allen’s TA – Live Bay