Front Façade – DO(T) BuildingDivisional Organisation (Trainees), as the name suggests, is responsible for the basic Divisional System for the administration, accommodation, attitudinal development, discipline and welfare of all undertrainee sailors. Approximately 1300 young sailors with diverse profiles of age, branch, service and nationality are under the single umbrella of DO(T) at any given point in time. The organisation follows the ‘Rainbow’ Division concept where the trainees are divided into six divisions named after different forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji and are pitted against each other in Intra DO(T) and Inter Shivaji Sports Championships and Extra Curricular activities in order to ensure all-round personality development and service orientation of the young impressionable minds. DO(T) also provides an avenue for strengthening diplomatic ties with friendly foreign Navies. International sailors from almost 20 countries, undergoing ab-initio courses, spend approximately two years together at close quarters with their Indian counterparts sharing classrooms, dining halls and sports fields which results in strong interpersonal bonding between them.

DO(T) Cross Country Inter Division Volleyball

Cultural Programmes

Cultural Programmes Cultural Programmes

Club Activities

Club Activities Club Activities

Camp Joshila

Camp Joshila Camp Joshila

Camp Joshila Camp Joshila

Building Bonds of Friendship

Building Bonds of Friendship Building Bonds of Friendship

Honing Skills

Honing Skills Honing Skills

Rainbow Cafetaria DO(T) Store