President NWWA, Station Lonavla

Dear ladies, I feel privileged and honored to take over as President, NWWA, Station Lonavla. I acknowledge the responsibility that it brings on my shoulders and it shall be my endeavor to put my best foot forward.

We currently find ourselves amidst extraordinarily challenging times. The pandemic has shown no mercy, and continues to impact our lives in unexpected ways. During these times, my priority is the physical and mental well being of the NWWA community and all my fellow Shivajians.

Mental health issues, often a neglected area, need to be given due attention especially in the prevailing circumstances. Many of us are going through an emotional upheaval, feeling helpless and need just a listening ear. Please know that I am here!

I would aim for most NWWA activities and skill development programs to go digital, ensuring that there is optimum utilisation of the resources at our disposal without any compromise on safety.

I want NWWA, Lonavla to be to be the invisible hand that shapes the punch of Naval Station, Lonavla. And in order to achieve that, I look forward to working with all you vibrant, enthusiastic and bright ladies of the station for the betterment of our Shivaji family.

Take care and stay safe
Pooja Rawal


NWWA Kendra is cradle to all NWWA activities. It has been designed in such a way to accumulate all the activities including NWWA meetings to exotic fun activities in dance club, Kendra also has a place for bibliophile, it has theme based activity room for general meetings with ladies of station . Kendra also includes homeo clinic as well fully equipped presidents office with conference room for all official meetings.


NWWA symbolizes the vibrancy and general well-being of the naval communities of the Naval Station Lonavla. Various activities are being conducted by NWWA which includes health & well-being, education, upliftment of underprivileged children, empowerment of women, development of talent and environmental development. Liaison Officer and two liaison sailors provide administrative support and assist NWWA for the smooth conduct of all events.



President NWWA Mrs Pooja Rawal
Vice President Mrs Sujata Mohanty
Secretary Mrs Dhanya P
Treasurer Mrs Gargie Rao
Sakhi Mrs Pooja Rawal, President NWWA
Archives Mrs Yendamuri Bhanumathi
Sanchar Mrs Sujata Mohanty Mrs Venkata Chaitanya, Mrs Dhanya P
Balwadi Mrs Suleena Manthravadi Mrs Astuti Jha
Prakriti Mrs Manisha Chandra Mrs Himanshi Taragi
Pragati Mrs Lekha Anand
Kala Kendra Mrs Siji Shibu Joy
Soundarya Mrs Himani Ahlawat Mrs Shilpa Mishra, Mrs Vartika Singh
Sparsh Mrs Vandana Shukla Mrs Aparna Madippedi
Ashirwad Mrs Anju Sahota
Samudri Mrs Lekha Anand Mrs Yendamuri Bhanumathi, Mrs Pallavi
Ranjeet Dasare, Mrs Aatira F Aleem
Arogya Mrs Humaira Naz Mrs Benu Gupta
Udyogika Mrs Gargie Rao Mrs Vartika Singh
Mrs Sushma Charak
Mrs Rakhi Dutta
Mrs Sagarika Behera
Mrs Sini Sai
Mrs Praseetha Sreejith
Mrs Swati Chakraborty



The Navy Wives Welfare Association (NWWA) has been empowering ladies and making them self-reliant. In keeping with the vision, the shop is well stocked with commercially viable products. The shop also provides a unique forum for naval wives to work together as a purveyor as well as a customer. Working on the principle of No Profit – No Loss, the shop provides the naval community with quality products from across the country. In addition to products made at Udyogika, handicrafts, handmade gems jewelry, hand painted dupattas all made by ladies of the base, the shop also offers products made by NAB Lion Home for aging blinds, tribal work of Warli by Children Committed Communities Development Trust, Khurja pottery works, artefacts from Jaipur, large varieties of sarees and suites, kid’s gift items and daily utility products. A plant corner has also been created at the shop that specifically accommodates sir purifiers and succulents for sale.

Activity Room

Dance Club ( Razz-Ma-Tazz )


pre primary School run by NWWA for children of workers inside the base, NWWA ensures fun filled learning environment for children at minimal cost.

Homeo Clinic

Tution Room

Tution room at nwwa is perfect location for kids to study.



Udyogika is a centre for art to preserve and promote the ancient art of sewing and stiching by ladies of station.

Saundarya Beauty Parlour

Delish Kitchen

NWWA Kendra have self organized kitchen for refreshing during long meetings or after practising for any event , it focuses on food hygiene along with delicious food.