About the Journal

Journal of Marine Engineering is a publication of INS Shivaji which contains research papers, technical articles and notes from sea directly pertaining to the field of Marine Engineering and sourced from Units and Establishments across the Indian Navy. Publication of such a journal which compiles technical papers serves to enhance scientific temper amongst its readers in niche domains keeping abreast of current global technological advancements.

First Published in October 1979

  • Frequency:Annual
  • Language:English
  • Domain:Marine Engineering

Editorial Board

The Officer-in-Charge, Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering), INS Shivaji functions as the Chief Editor for the journal and is assisted by a panel of four Editorial Board Members.

Present Editorial Board Members

Captain CHV Sudhakar
Captain CHV Sudhakar Officer-in-Charge
Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering)
Commander Renjith Varghese<br />
Commander Renjith Varghese Training Commander
Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering)
Commander Pramod Bhandirge
Commander Pramod Bhandirge Commander
(Base Administration) INS Shivaji
Lieutenant Commander Sahil Chaturvedi
Lieutenant Commander Sahil Chaturvedi Deputy Head of Faculty
(Field Support & Analysis) Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering)
Lieutenant Commander Shamanth Gowda
Lieutenant Commander Shamanth Gowda Deputy Head of Faculty (Courses)
Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering)