Executive Officer

Captain CHV Sudhakar

Captain CHV Sudhakar belongs to the 101 NDA Course and was commissioned into the Engineering Branch of the Navy on 01 Jan 03. The officer completed BTech in Mechanical Engineering from Naval College of Engineering, INS Shivaji in 2005 as part of the 91st Basic Engineering Course, followed by MESC in 2007. His sea appointments include tenures on board IN ships Ranjit, Rajput, Ranvijay and Delhi. His shore assignments include tenures at Naval Dockyard (Mumbai), GTTT(V) and IHQ MoD (N)/ DND (SDG). The officer is an MTech in Material Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and has undergone 23rd Technical Management Course at Naval War College Goa. He took over the helm of CoE(ME) ON 10 Feb 22.