Front Façade – EPCT SchoolThe Engineering Pre-Commissioning Training (EPCT) School formally established in 1992, is a dedicated centre of knowledge and resources for conducting Pre-Commissioning Type Training for 47 different types of Ships. It trains approximately 200 PCT courses annually comprising Commanding Officers, Executive Officers, Electrical Officers, Engineer Officers and Artificers/Mechanicians on engineering aspects of the ship they are assigned duties on. EPCT School also houses an exhaustive library of technical documents including reference books, drawings, charts, etc. The Engineering Incident Study and Analysis Cell (ISAC), a repository of case studies based on defect rectification and analyses is also an integral part of the EPCT School. Over the years, the school has expanded its infrastructure and set up cutting edge training facilities such as Land Based Training Facility (LBTF) for Shivalik Class ships, BURYA Simulator for Talwar Class, MCS-5 Simulator for WJFACs, 1241 RE Simulator and multiple Interactive Media Training Packages.

MCS 5 Simulator 1241 RE Simulator