Surg Lt Sujan S Kumar

Surg Lt Sujan S Kumar


Surg Lt Sujan S Kumar (76593-Z), Commissioned as Surgeon Lieutenant in Indian Navy under AMC on 08 Dec 2020. His previous appointments include INHS Sanjivani (08 Dec 20 - 26 Jun 21) as Medical Officer & ICGS Sajag being a commissioning crew (10 Jul 21 - 28 Sep 23) as Principal Medical Officer. Officer reported to INS Shivaji on 08 Oct 23. He is an Alumnus of Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, Manipal University. Before joining services, Officer worked in SCS Hospital, Mangalore.





A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and therefore, a training base inherently requires the care and support of a medical department. When the rigours of intense training take a toll on a young trainee, it is the Sick Bay which provides him the required period of recuperation so that he is up and about to take on the next challenge coming his way. Under the Principal Medical Officer, the Medical Department of Shivaji looks after the daily sick parade and provides essential medical cover for various training activities such as swimming, small arms firing, games, cross-country, camps, treks and other adventure activities. Sessions on Vipassana-Anapana meditation are coordinated by the department for improved mental health and reduced stress levels amongst personnel. The Medical Department also prepares the trainees on basic life support and first aid measures through regular lectures. It is entrusted with the crucial responsibility of maintaining high standards of health and hygiene in the establishment through monthly examination of food handlers and fortnightly sanitary hygiene checks of in-living spaces.