School of Basic Science

Cdr N Santhosh Kumar

Cdr N Santhosh Kumar


Commander N Santhosh Kumar (70532-Z) a Mechanical Engineering graduate was commissioned in Education Branch of Indian Navy on 10 Jan 2005. Post commissioning, the officer was first posted at then CLABS (CELABS now), Kochi for duties. The officer was selected to undergo MTech (Applied Mechanics) from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras [IIT (M)] during the year 2008-10. On completion of his Post Graduation, he was posted to Indian Naval Academy (INA) for instructional duties. Cdr N Santhosh Kumar was also part of officers selection for Indian Army and Indian Navy whilst he was posted as GTO at 33 SSB, Selection Centre Central, Bhopal on successfully completion of the Group Testing Officers Course (GTO). In Jun 2016, the officer was selected and posted as Administrative Officer (erstwhile Registrar) at Sainik School Bhubaneshwar till 31 Jul 2019. At Present the officer has taken over as SEDO, INS Shivaji.




The role & responsibilities of School Of Basic Sciences are as follows.
  • Conduct of academic training in 23 Scientific and Engineering subjects for Merged Artificer Apprentice Course (A & B terms), Air Mechanician, Direct Entry Diploma Holder (DEDH), Special Duty Engineering Mechanic (SDME ‘Q’), Scientific Orientation Course (SOC – International trainees) at Education Department as per the training forecast.
  • Periodic revision of syllabi, lesson plans, teaching aids etc as per the directives issued by HQSNC.
  • Smooth functioning of Basic Sciences Laboratory.
  • Detailing officers for invigilation duties in respect of examination of SBS subjects as per examination programme promulgated by CMET.
  • Administration, coordination and supervision of all basic science training (both theoretical and practical) for sailors as per the approved syllabus.
  • Promulgation and implementation of training programmes in School of Basic Sciences as per Training Forecast prepared by CMET.
  • Promulgation and implementation of training programmes in School of Basic Sciences as per Training Forecast prepared by CMET.
  • Planning for augmentation of training facilities and ensuring optimum utilisation of manpower and training aids and other training equipment including their maintenance and upkeep.
  • Administering and maintaining the School of Basic Sciences including regulating the trainees within the school.
  • Ensuring correct accounting of all stores purchased out of Public Funds and Other grants and issued to School of Basic Sciences/Basic Sciences Lab.
  • Supervising proper maintenance and optimum utilisation of Library, Basic Sciences Lab and Language Lab.
  • Conduct of in-house IT Courses for Sailors employed as instructors. The courses are to be conducted as and when required in respect of those sailors who are recommended for the course by SO(EV) and other Training Departments for those who have not undergone IT/Methods course at NIETT, Kochi.
  • Coordinating nomination of instructors from the establishment for Methods/IT application courses at NIETT, Kochi in accordance with programme promulgated by HQ SNC.
  • Conducting IT Courses for instructors, Mechanicians, ‘G’ term Apprentices and NBCD (I) courses in accordance with training curriculum/forecast.
  • Maintaining and updating the vendor list for procurement of items for the SBS, there after carrying out vendor verification and maintaining record of vendors whose credentials have been verified.
  • In case of introduction of a new ab-initio course requiring training at SBS, Lesson plans, and training aids to be promptly prepared by Oi/c SBS, on receipt of Master syllabus from CMET. Thereafter TOS and QB’s are to be prepared and forwarded to TDEC, for bringing the course in the training loop.