Message for Website

            It is an honour and privilege to assume the office of President, NWWA.

          Indeed, NWWA is a microcosm of the very idea of India. Reflecting the vibrant diversity that characterises our great nation, this sisterhood brings together women from different parts of the country, different backgrounds and different skill-sets, united in a common purpose—to support our men in uniform and build a cohesive community through facets, facilities and activities for all ages. Through all the transitions and changes that characterise life in the armed forces, NWWA acts like an anchor, a reassuring constant that provides support and service, help and hope, friendship and fun.

          Going forward, it will be my endeavour to promote further interaction within the naval community, bridging gaps and strengthening bonds to engender an even greater sense of oneness and become more responsive to the changing needs of our families, with welfare, skill development, financial independence and rehabilitation as priorities. I also urge the younger generation of naval wives to come forward with a sense of ownership and pride to share their varied talents and valuable time and take NWWA to greater heights.

          Let's work together to enable and empower naval families to live their best lives.

          Shano Varuna! Jai Hind!