Message for Website

         It’s my humble privilege and honour to take over as the ex-officio President of NWWA. Navy and NWWA, to begin with, are inseparable and it’s like a holy matrimony where one is incomplete and deficient without the other. Over the years, NWWA like the Navy, has grown from strength to strength, charted new courses and developed capabilities that have helped us to reach out to wider sections of our community. We all owe deep gratitude to our predecessors who through their leadership and commitment have fortified the credentials of NWWA.

          NWWA is today a very capable organisation that has successfully empowered ladies, helped our families in times of need, facilitated our children to achieve their potential and very importantly provide succour to one and all when times are tough. As a vibrant and forward looking organisation, NWWA continues to achieve new milestones not only for the naval community but also for the wider local and national community, which was apparent during COVID pandemic.

          It is a matter of pride that in the recent past NWWA has taken a number of initiatives related to skilling and education, that include Vocational Training courses by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, conduct of a customised course by IIM, Kozhikode on Social Entrepreneurship, commencement of Acupressure and Ayurveda workshops, Foreign Language courses by Inlingua, free Hotel Management course and conduct of free courses on IT, entrepreneurship and technical subjects by Learning Links Foundation. In providing opportunities to skill and train, NWWA has facilitated self-empowerment of our ladies which includes lending a helping hand to our veer-naris.

          Another notable achievement of NWWA has been caring and tending to Mother Nature. Vanishing species, depleting green cover and unnecessary intrusion into natural habitats threatens life as we know it. Hence, NWWA’s mission to care for and nurture Nature by working towards a zero carbon footprint and making environmental conservation a part of our community ethos is most praiseworthy.

          Our lives are seeing increasingly busier, with added stressors of managing home and work. Keeping our family happy and healthy is a necessary prerequisite for an operationally effective Navy. With unflagging security challenges, the Navy has to be ready at all times so naval wives shoulder immense responsibility. NWWA has taken new strides to ensure healthy living, healthy eating and mental peace in recent years. Various programmes such as Yoga, meditation, spiritual courses, healthy recipes and caring for our children have all contributed to improving our happiness quotient. It is a matter of pride that NWWA has raised significantly the collective consciousness of our community to ensure a happy and healthy home.

         NWWA’s organisational ethos to try and make a positive difference to our lives, our families and our community is a force for good. NWWA provides us and creates for us opportunities to empower ourselves and as an organisation always stands by as a pillar of support and help. We are indeed blessed to have a vibrant organisation like the NWWA and I am certain that NWWA will in times to come champion many laudable initiatives for the betterment of the Navy and the nation.

         In our quest to enhance the outreach of NWWA, these words of Mother Teresa are indeed inspiring, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across waters to create many ripples”. Wishing all NWWA members the very best in all their endeavours.