Women Empowerment and Welfare

NWWA aims to empower all its members not only with professional prowess but also financial independence and entrepreneurial skills to initiate new ventures or get suitable employment. NWWA provides a platform to ladies to “learn and earn” through its various hobby and professional classes.

Tarsh : Block Printing Unit

With a two pronged aim of “Swawalamban” (self sufficiency) and “Laghu Udyog” (Cottage Industry), block printing units have been set up in all the regions of NWWA to train ladies in this traditional art. Cloth, colours and patterns are improved and updated regularly to bring about finesse in the finished product.

Udyogika : Tailoring and Handicraft Unit

This unit undertakes orders for stitching good quality garments at an affordable cost. Training in Fashion Designing also helps ladies learn the cutting and stitching of simple, ethnic and evergreen garments that are sold through the NWWA shops. Wives of naval personnel are employed by NWWA to gain experience and financial independence. Indian handicrafts known for their ethnicity, workmanship and quality are also made by our ladies and are sold at NWWA shops at different regions.

Pragati : Welfare of All

Welfare is one of the focal points of NWWA and several measures have been taken to inculcate various skills among the ladies through hobby classes such as hand embroidery, painting, tailoring, beautician courses etc. After completion of these courses, the ladies are employed for different NWWA ventures. NWWA also runs highly professional crèches, which are haven for ladies undergoing such courses and working mothers.

Self-Help Workshops

Workshops by professional trainers, including ones on Parenting, Personality Development, Enhancing Marital relationships etc are held on a regular basis for the wives of naval personnel. These go a long way in enhancing the lives of our naval family. Talks are also conducted by medical professionals on various aspects related to health and hygiene.


The wives of retired naval personnel, who have built the very foundation of NWWA, are certainly looked up to and respected. NWWA has a special branch that looks after the needs and interests of these former NWWA members. Every year, a special function dedicated to them is organized.


NWWA runs libraries in all its regions. They are stocked with a wide variety of books to suit the reading interests of all age groups in a naval family. This goes a long way towards inculcating good reading habits among all members of the naval family.

Beauty Parlour

The NWWA Beauty Parlours are run by talented and professionally qualified naval wives. Courses of different durations are also conducted by professionals to train our ladies in this field, thus enhancing their job opportunities.

Adult Literacy

Keeping in mind the educational constraints faced by several members of the naval community, especially some naval wives, NWWA conducts adult literacy classes.