Warm wishes to all the ladies on the occasion of the 34th NWWA Diwas.

"Coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is progress,
Working together is success"

Henry Ford

         This year the theme is ‘Touching lives through welfare’ and we are happy that our activities have been focusing on this core value.

         NWWA made its humble beginning as NOWA in 1948 as a small group to spread awareness and work for welfare. With the vision of forerunner's, the organisation evolved from NOWA to NWWA on 14 February 1986. Each one of them has contributed towards its progress immensely and it wouldn’t have been possible to reach the lofty heights, had the way not been paved by them. Since then, NWWA from a humble institution has thrived into a welfare organisation, encompassing a myriad of initiatives.

         This year the theme is ‘Touching lives through welfare’ and we are happy that our activities have been focusing on this core value.

         The many initiatives, both towards empowerment and developing infrastructure will go a long way towards meeting our objectives. The TISS-ECD courses have now taken root in all Regions and many ladies qualifying are getting successfully employed.

         The digital medium has allowed us to connect with every member of NWWA; the Telegram App, NWWA page on Facebook, NWWA website and Veerangana are some initiatives where we used social media to effectively reach out to our members, and this gives us immense personal satisfaction. The orientation capsule, publications ‘Welcome Young Lady’ and ‘Abhinandan’ have been conceptualised to smoothly transition new brides into our fold as well informed and valuable members who contribute to our community and society.

         NWWA is a vibrant organisation which is run ‘for us and by us’. The success of its schemes and programs depends on participation by its members. I wish to thank all the members whose collaborative effort, ingenuity and team work helped take this organisation to greater heights. Times are changing as is the society dynamics. Women are increasingly moving out of their homes finding regular jobs to support their families. Whilst the economic status of the family improves, the happiness quotient of the family depends on how well the lady balances her work and home. The inbuilt talent in every lady can be optimally utilised to contribute for welfare of the community and what better way than to start with NWWA in a small way at your convenience. Being part of NWWA from a long time, I can assure you that every contribution and welfare of the community will lead to increased self satisfaction and happiness.

         "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

Mahatma Gandhi

         Jai Hind