NWWA is entering a new dawn with 2019, ready to face the challenges to explore new initiatives. My vision for NWWA is that of a vibrant and unified community where every NWWA member is empowered and happy. The past two and half years have been very satisfying with numerous achievements for NWWA especially towards empowering women.

         Our NWWA Magazine ‘Veerangana’ receives articles from many contributors, however, not all articles can be included in the publication and further it is published only annually. In order to encourage creative writing skills in our community, it was decided to start an E-magazine aptly named ‘E-Veerangana’. Contributors will get a large digital platform where they can post articles throughout the year. This timely progression from print publication to E-publication will keep the NWWA publications contemporary with a wider reach amongst our community. The E-Veerangana is yet another step forward.

         I would like to congratulate the Editorial Team for their efforts and dedication towards bringing out the first edition of ‘E-Veerangana’.

         I wish to encourage you ladies to dream big and pursue excellence whilst maintaining the ethos of our community.

         Keep Writing….