Balwadi : School for Children of Domestic Help

NWWA promotes the social cause of basic education for all. Children of domestic help in all the regions are provided with free education and their all round development is ensured. All major festivals and national days are celebrated to give the children a “peak” into the rich cultural heritage of India.

Little Angels School : For Our ‘Tiny Tot’ Angels

In these preschools, NWWA strives to inculcate traditional Indian values as well as to develop the latent talents and skills of our young toddlers. Teaching methodology and play equipment is updated regularly in keeping with changing times and needs.

Jagriti : Enlightenment Through Knowledge

This is the “Awakening Group” of NWWA which conducts various activities and competitions at the Navy Children Schools. In addition, this group also provides scholarship incentives to gifted children and young achievers. If you want to give someone a gift, try giving them your time and attention.