Message for Website

‘I can't change the world alone, but I surely can create ripples by throwing a stone across the waters’ Mother Teresa

          I firmly believe that each one of us can cast a stone in the right direction and bring some positive changes to people around us starting from our home, to the community and to our world.

          I am proud to lead this motivated and talented team of ladies who have volunteered to contribute towards the betterment of our community despite their own commitments and responsibilities on the home front. I intend to build upon the strong foundation laid by our predecessors and take NWWA, Southern Region forward in all its endeavours.

          The small things that we do with love, passion and focus, can make the world a better place, the little steps we take to brighten lives of others can spread cheer around us. Each one of us is responsible not only for one self but also for one’s family, the society and the nation at large.

          Coming to the progress that we’ve made at NWWA, I am extremely proud to acknowledge the sustained efforts and determination of the NWWA family in each and every activity undertaken which has brought smiles to many faces, overcame apprehensions or imparted knowledge. Some of our initiatives have been sponsoring of three meritorious orphan girls for nursing training, conducting a medical camp for girls and boys at Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan, cleaning up our surrounding environs, empowering our ladies by giving subsidised Montessori training at TISS, sensitising children on global warming, pollution and gender sensitisation. Major achievements at Kochi include upgradation of facilities at sailors’ residential complexes through setting up of Samudari shops - a first in southern region, creating ergonomic tuition rooms Shikshan for children and setting up a state of the art vocational centre. One more initiative we have commenced at Southern Region is ‘Chai pe Charcha’ forum during which ideas and suggestions from all the attendees is being invited. Feedback and inputs received during such interactions are taken into cognizance, deliberated upon and action taken. Our first initiative was a grand success and we got 35 new volunteers.

         Further, we at NWWA Southern Region, have declared a war on plastics. We intend bringing awareness amongst children through schools by giving them presentations and making them understand what plastic is doing to our lives. It is already damaging the delicate ecological balance and slowly will irreversibly damage our food chain if we don't tackle it. We intend to encourage competitions on creating jingles, short movies on ban of plastics. We want to educate them on what effect the pollution and plastic is having on our once serene surrounding areas. Each and everyone in Southern Region is keen to take a 'No Plastic’ pledge. We are encouraging all to carry their own glass bottles and not drink from plastic bottles, plastic straws, and cups. Our mantra is ...REDUCE – RECYCLE - REUSE – REFUSE - Plastic.

          I thank all NWWA members for their sterling contribution and the Command which has continued its unstinted support towards realising our dreams. The Command is also contributing immensely towards environment protection and is cleaning the Venduruthy Channel. I want to reassure the command that we will stand by you in all its efforts. A particular area of my emphasis will be to integrate the large number of young ladies who join the Naval community and to provide them with necessary support and information, so that they integrate seamlessly into our SNC Parivar.

          I wish all members of NWWA, in all regions the very best in all their future endeavours. Though there are many more milestones ahead of us to cross, I am sanguine that with motivated and tenacious team, we will achieve them with alacrity and finesse.

Jai Hind