NWWA is dedicated not only to the welfare of the naval wives but to the entire naval community including children, senior citizens and special children. The community development programmes run by NWWA aim at different facets of life, thereby enriching the fabric of naval society in multifarious ways.

Sahara : Widow Rehabilitation

Life in the defence forces is not easy and often unpredictable. This arm of NWWA takes an active interest in providing emotional and financial security, moral support and also serves as a forum that provides job opportunities to naval wives who have lost their spouses in the service of the nation. NWWA regularly conducts contact programmes with these ladies regarding scholarships and education of their children, pension schemes, medical aid etc. so that they can be drawn out of their shell and are able to bear their incalculable loss. They are also provided special vocational training to inculcate a feeling of self sufficiency and confidence.

Sakhi : NWWA- A Friend in Need and Always

Access to an understanding and compassionate voice, may be the key to providing distressed naval families, the support that they need. Professional counsellors and Regional Presidents counsel the families in a friendly and cordial atmosphere while protecting their privacy and identity.

Ashirwaad : Blessings of Our Elders

It is that wing of NWWA which looks after the ‘golden age group’ of citizens. Spiritual evenings get togethers, health checkups, physiotherapy sessions etc. are organized for the benefit of parents of Naval Personnel. Recreation rooms and libraries are setup for them. To strengthen the bonds of togetherness, senior citizens are invited for festivals and grand parents’ day celebrations.

Samudri :NWWA Shop

NWWA shops all over India are indeed a shopper’s delight. Well stocked with commercially viable products, they provide a unique forum for naval ladies to work together as a purveyor as well as a customer. Working on the principle of “No Profit - No Loss”, they provide the naval community with quality products from all over India. These shops also offer a unique opportunity for naval wives to showcase their talents and find an outlet for their creations. They also display articles made by the special children of Sankalp.

Sanchar : Communication

It is that arm of NWWA which connects, informs and reports the vast panorama of NWWA activities through quarterly newsletters and its Annual Magazine, VEERANGANA. Sanchar provides a platform for all members of the naval family to share their experiences and voice their opinions through articles, poems, anecdotes etc.

Tarangini : Art & Culture

This branch of NWWA looks into the cultural extravaganza and is the hand behind all the events organized, be it NWWA Nite or dance and musical programmes. Also, various other entertainment programmes during VIPs’ visits, etc come under its purview.

Kala Kendra

It provides a forum for self expression through dance, drama and music. Various courses are organized for women and children in dance, music, performing arts and handicrafts. Showcasing such diverse talents helps to boost the confidence of children as well as wives of naval personnel.

Sankalp : School for Differently Abled Children

Believing in the motto of “TOGETHER WE CAN” this group endeavors to create a loving and caring atmosphere for special children of the naval community. They are trained in both academics and vocational subjects and are encouraged to interact with children of regular schools. They are taught to make greeting cards, incense sticks, paper bags and envelopes, and are also trained in woodwork etc. Their products are then sold at all NWWA shops. Teachers, helpers and children celebrate all the festivals together to understand the importance of Indian culture. Regular workshops and counseling sessions are held for the parents for acceptance and improvement of these children so that they can become responsible citizens.


Hostels for boys and girls have been created to cater to the needs of children, whose parents have been posted out, to continue their higher education. This facility goes a long way in easing the minds of naval families, as they know that their children are safe in a protected environment.