Message for Website

            It is indeed my singular honour and a humbling feeling to assume the prestigious office of the NWWA President.

          From its humble beginnings in 1948 as the Naval Officers’ Wives Association (NOWA), the organisation has grown from strength over the years, to evolve in to a robust and dynamic Navy wives Welfare Association (NWWA) of today.

          For a sea-going service with regular separations for the family and periodic transfers, the family support system proves crucial. NWWA through its welfare, outreach and empowerment programmes for our ladies has done a yeoman service to our naval community. I have also been personally associated with NWWA for long and am immensely proud of having been a part of its growth. The strength of NWWA has been talented members, who have always found time to contribute towards strengthening NWWA despite their own personal, familial and professional requirements.

          As we steer NWWA into the future, let us all be a part of a happy and efficient team willingly contributing to uphold the values and achieve the aims of this wonderful organization.

         Jai Hind.