Message for Website

          I consider it a singular honour to assume charge as President NWWA (Eastern Region) and delighted to inherit a well-knit organisation, based upon strong foundations of team work, camaraderie and commitment to organisational goals.

         The year 2020, was impacted by COVID 19, which in many ways, became a major turning point for our thinking, our social conduct and in general for our society. Along with the heightening of uncertainties, it brought about changes in life which spanned the spheres of work culture, wellness, medical, education and other social systems. The last year also saw extended deployment of the operational assets away from home-ports, which needed newer coping mechanisms by the families.

          Notwithstanding the adversity and new challenges, the overwhelming positivity and the indomitable spirit of our NWWA members of Eastern Region ensured that the community responded with transformational thinking and adapted quickly. The most significant being the ability to adopt the digital way of life. We have experienced and exploited the power of the digital domain by ‘On line’ conduct of NWWA activities/events in the recent past. To provide impetus to our well-being and health in these stressful times, “Mental Health Wellness Webinars”, and virtual sessions by psychologists, doctors, fitness experts, nutritionists etc to address the needs of our community were organised. These sessions, aimed at “Building Emotional Immunity” were well attended and appreciated. I derive satisfaction from the fact that we are staying meaningfully connected and enriching our lives, even though in virtual mode.

          NWWA(ER) comprises extremely talented and committed members, who are working tirelessly to ensure that the organisation remains vibrant, responsive and deep rooted in its core values. I also thank the members, for the excellent work and dedication in achieving the desired goals of 'Women Empowerment' “Skilling” and improving the 'Happiness Quotient' of our Naval Community. In days ahead, it would be my earnest endeavour to further enhance focus on all activities to collectively scale greater heights..

          While many new initiatives were put into place many more miles need to be covered in the near future. I am confident that NWWA(ER) will continue to meet all challenges with tenacity, keeping the best interests of our Naval Community at the forefront. Let us all pull together, in synergy, employing our own unique strengths, talents, capabilities, with a focus of whole hearted contribution towards betterment of the Poorvi Parivaar. I look forward to your participation and new ideas.

          I am hopeful that this Pandemic will end soon and we will once again be able to meet each other and lead our normal lives. To ensure our collective wellbeing, I would, urge everyone to get vaccinated and follow all COVID Protocols.

          Till then Stay Strong, Stay Home, Stay connected and Stay Safe.

          Jai Hind!