Message for Website

          With utmost pride, I pen down my first message as President NWWA , Eastern Region and am sure that with my team, we will be able to make NWWA Eastern Region, an even more vibrant and contributory organization to achieve what we aim for.

         A naval wife, in particular, is the proverbial sheet anchor that provides stability and strong moorings to the husband’s life and keeps family rooted at all time while the men in whites are away at sea. With humility and pride I can say that they are actual ‘Wind beneath the wings of their husband’

          NWWA is a unique bond which holds naval wives together and makes significant contribution to our naval community. But due to social media, busy lifestyle, juggling between families and career – all these factors contribute to making it harder for us to find the time and confidence to connect with others. I feel greater emphasis should be there to connect with young members and to provide support and friendship and reassure the feeling that we belong to a greater community that share common interests and aspirations.

          The role and responsibility of NWWA has been constantly changing over the years and we should work undauntedly towards women empowerment, welfare & community support, education, health care and environment conservation. Let us continue our good work cohesively and contribute positively towards shaping not only our organisation but our nation as well.

          Enjoy, & Evolve!!Wishing you all ‘Good Luck’

          Jai Hind!