Message for Website

          I feel privileged to be bestowed with the responsibility of President, NWWA (Eastern Region). It is indeed an honour to lead a team of highly motivated and selfless women, who are making significant contribution to the naval community.

         For the past few decades, NWWA has been a quintessential part of the naval support system and has been instrumental in strengthening the naval community. There is no doubt that naval wives are the force behind the 'Men in White', and the wind behind their sails. While they continue to safeguard and assume greater responsibilities in the maritime domain, it is we women, who have a greater role to play as the bedrock of our naval support system. At the helm of NWWA (ER), it will be my endeavour to build upon the good work of my worthy predecessors and take this esteemed organisation to greater heights.

          My major impetus would be consolidation of efforts towards 'Women Empowerment'. Towards this, continued education and skill development will play an important role and thus, would be a dominating factor in all our endeavours. Empowering our women, and making them self reliant will result in collective upliftment of the Naval society.

          I believe in the old adage that “Everybody is talented, because everyone who is human, has something to express”. We will strive to be the ‘talent incubator’ at NWWA, providing the ideal ecosystem to identify, nurture, showcase and enhance individual talent. It will help bring out each individual's creativity, while also being a process of learning.

          As we embark on this new journey, I urge each one of us to join hands and work as a team. Whole hearted participation would be crucial towards the achievement of our shared goals, and our overall contribution to the society.

          I wish the very best to the ladies of POORVI PARIVAR !

          Jai Hind!