Message for Website

          I take on the revered responsibility of President NWWA(WR) with utmost sense of honor and humility.

          I express my sincere gratitude to every member of this fine organisation whose dedication and efforts have contributed in building trust and value over years.

          I particularly, thank my predecessors who have steered this fine organisation and committed their invaluable time and energy in raising and building a strong and beautiful Western Region NWWA family.

          Let us channelize our efforts and focus on *FAMILY*

          *F* amily Welfare

          *A* spirations of one and all

          *M* arital harmony

          *I* nsured future

          *L* earning and Skilling

          *Y* oung Minds

          Each one of you is wonderfully unique, with amazing strengths and capabilities to transform the community and shape our world. I wish to have a close interaction with you and seek your whole hearted support in directing our skills and efforts to "reach out" and create a better tomorrow for our families.

          I wish you and your families a safe, successful and satisfying year ahead.

          *"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King*