Whom should I contact for any kind of information as a member of the Anubhavi group?

Please contact the local NWWA office who will direct you to the Coordinator.

Why is it that sometimes invitation to some of our Anubhavi ladies do not reach even though the contact details of their spouses are held with the Navy Foundation?

There have been instances when the addresses held with the Navy Foundation are not updated. Therefore, we request Anubhavi ladies from time to time to kindly update their addresses and phone numbers.

What is the purpose of Arogya?

The members of Arogya give moral support to the family members of serving Navy personnel admitted in service hospitals and help solve their queries related to their problems, medical or otherwise, by meeting the doctors who are treating them. It organizes Smart Mom Contest. Several talks on various health related issues are also organized by this group.

If I am posted in an outlying unit, my family member is admitted in the Command Hospital and unable to manage alone, what kind of assistance can be given?

In such cases the team guides the personnel on how and where they could submit an application in order to get temporary attachment.

Where are the beauty parlours located and is there any approved price list?

They are located within our gated community and the approved list is available in the parlour.

Do these parlours provide service to both officers' and sailors' wives?


What are the eligibility conditions for seeking admission in the girls'/ boys' hostel?

College going children of following categories of Navy personnel, in the order of preference, are eligible for admission, subject to availability:-
(a) Children of deceased personnel.
(b) Serving personnel who are leaving Station on permanent transfer/retirement/release.
(c) Personnel serving at any other Naval station including deputation abroad.
(d) Ex-Navy Officers retired from Station within two years from the date of application.
It may also be noted that boys' hostel is located only in Mumbai; however girls' hostel is located in Delhi and Mumbai.

How are the children admitted?

Applications are to be submitted by Navy personnel with necessary documents not earlier than three months before the date of admission being sought. The applications received during the month will be processed on first come first serve basis and forwarded to Station Commander, for approval. Children will be admitted on approval and based on vacancies. A wait-list will also be maintained for the balance.

What is the role of the NWWA representative in Navy Children School?

The NWWA representative is a member of the Navy Children School managing committee. Her role is primarily that of providing support and interacting with the School Principal on a regular basis, to find areas where we can contribute to the betterment of the school. Together we decide on areas where NWWA can assist the school, such as getting professionals to talk to the students on topics of relevance. Jagruti also serves as a conduit, where the NWWA representative collates feedback from the navy community and provides it to the principal for her perusal.

What are the things kept in mind to ensure a child-friendly environment in the Little Angels school?

•  Individual attention to children by their respective teachers
•  Providing a comfortable environment with adequate ventilation & light that in turn stimulates the children's learning abilities
•  Providing an attractive & child-friendly layout with the use of bright colours, pictures, toys, comfortable furniture, etc.

What are teaching methods that are used to make certain that the children are at par with their counterparts from other schools?

•  Teaching is imparted in the play-way method.
•  It is ensured that knowledge is imparted by practical methods.
•  Physical activities/games have been encompassed in the curriculum to help children with better hand-eye/muscle coordination.

How do you ensure a healthy parent-teacher co-ordination?

•  Teachers have a day-to-day interaction with parents.
•  Quarterly PTA meetings are held .
•  It is ensured that the parents are kept informed & updated about their child's progress & behaviour through these interactions.

What is the role of Welfare / Pragati group?

The group empowers woman by providing them training to develop various skills; provides them a platform to showcase their talent. This group always works towards creating a positive environment by keeping the ladies busy in creative work and occupied with positive thoughts, when husbands are away at work.

How do you empower the ladies?

Various courses for classes like embroidery, tailoring, basic computer learning, spoken English are held at nominal charges. Hobby classes like mehendi, bag making, soft toys making and jewellery making, etc are also held based on availability of instructors from the community itself. Towards physical fitness classes of yoga, aerobics are conducted. A ' MILAN' is organised on a regular basis for entertainment in which we boost their individual talents in dancing, acting, singing. Various talks on banking procedures, health, nutrition, domestic care, parenting, etc are regularly organised to enhance their awareness.

How are the volunteers of Prerna engaged in supporting Cancer patients?

The volunteers of Prerna visit the Cancer wards once a week and they spend few hours interacting with the patients. They counsel, guide, inform and help the patients and their family members to cope up with the disease. They give a patient hearing to all their anxieties and conduct talks, entertainment programmes and games to relieve them of their tensions.

Whom do I contact as a nodal agency to seek re-dressal of my grievances?

Naval Regimental System (NRS) at respective Commands are dedicated agencies to steer your cases related to assistance from the Navy. However, NWWA also helps to take up the same with other concerned agencies.

Correctness of family pension has been a major concern, especially after Sixth CPC and thus whom do I contact to seek assistance for getting correct and entitled family pension?

Please contact NRS at respective Commands for addressing your pension related issues. Alternately, details can be forwarded to Secretary NWWA (for Sahara Coordinator) of your region, who will further forward them to the concerned NRS for necessary action.

If I go to Sakhi, everyone in the community will come to know?

Sakhi, true to its meaning, is a friend who counsels the families in their hour of need in total confidentiality. Information related to the case remains between the Coordinator and President; it is only forwarded, when action has to be taken by Navy.

Will Samudri help me sell my products?

You can keep your products for a specified period only. When your products get sold, your profit has to be shared with NWWA based on the percentage laid down by the respective regions.

If my child comes to Sankalp will he/she become normal again?

The child has a disorder not disease that is why it can only be managed but not cured. Attending the school helps the child to learn what he/she is capable of with the help of staff who are trained to handle such special children.

What can we, as parents of special children, contribute in the child' s development?

Teachers and parents should work hand in hand for the improvement of these children. Parents should not compare the differently-abled child with any other and treat him/her on par with his/her siblings. Disciplining is equally important for them. Parents should spend quality time with them; especially with a hearing impaired child, parents should communicate through gestures, lip movements and if possible through sign language. Parents should be prepared to devote more time with differently-abled children and be realistic in setting their goals. They should plan for their future to make them independent physically, emotionally and financially.

Will he be at par with normal children, physically and mentally?

It all depends upon what type of problem he/she has got. In some cases with proper medication and modified teaching techniques the performance of these children can improve, where as in others further deterioration can be arrested but there is little scope for improvement .There are certain cases in which deterioration is bound to happen and nothing can be done about it.

What all can one donate to Sparsh/Outreach?

One can donate cash, new/used clothes in good condition(washed and pressed), blankets, toileteries and� packed dry ration (viz. rice, flour, sugar and pulses).

Where and when to donate?

Donation can be made at the local NWWA Kendras and further info can be had from the newsletters.

Does one get tax exemption for cash donation?

Some of the organisations do give tax exemption certificate, provided the donated sum is more than one thousand rupees. However, this may be clarified from the Outreach coordinator before making the cash donation.

What type of colours are used at Tarsh? Are they fast?

Chemical dyes- pigment colours are used. Yes, colours are fast. Printing is done on starch free fabric (cotton/silk) so that colours are absorbed properly. After printing it is dried in sun and then ironed to fix the colours.

How can we take care of the block printed fabrics?

Cold water hand wash is recommended. Avoid warm water and do not use bleach. Silk fabrics are to be dry cleaned.

What is the purpose of Udyogika?

It helps the ladies to utilise their free time and talent to earn something by taking orders for stitching

What is the difference between Varuni and Veerangana?

Varuni is a newsletter taken out by almost all NWWA units at regular intervals. Veerangana is a magazine released annually from Delhi.

How can I contribute to Veerangana?

You can write poems, anecdotes, articles in Hindi/English based on the theme announced through newsletters, daily orders and at coffee mornings/milans. You could also submit your creation for the cover pages of the magazine based on the guidelines given.

Who can contribute?

All members of the Navy community, irrespective of age and gender can contribute.

How can I get a copy of Veerangana?

You can contact the local NWWA office or read it online. Copies are placed in libraries too.