Veer Class, Abhay Class

Indian Navy Ships


Veer Class

The Veer class corvettes meaning 'Brave' form the 22nd Killer Missile Vessel Squadron of Indian Navy. Eight vessels of this class inherit their names from the illustrious 25th Killer missile boat squadron, which attacked and sunk 2 destroyers, a minesweeper and various other support vessels off Karachi during Operation Trident and Operation Python of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

Veer Class
Name Pennant No Date of Commission
Nishank K 43 12 Sep 1989
Vibhuti K 45 03 Jun 1991
Vipul K 46 16 Mar 1992
Vinash K 47 20 Nov 1993
Vidyut K 48 16 Jan 1995
Nashak K 83 29 Dec 1996
Pralaya K 91 18 Dec 2002
Prabal K 92 11 Apr 2002

Abhay Class

The Abhay class corvettes of the Indian Navy are customized variants of the Soviet Pauk class corvettes. The class is primarily intended for coastal patrol and anti-submarine warfare.

Abhay Class
Name Pennant No Date of Commission
Abhay P 33 10 Mar 1989
Ajay P 34 24 Jan 1990
Akshay P 35 10 Dec 1990

NOTE:- All Ships are prefixed with letters 'INS' when being referred to by their Indian Navy designated Names

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