Staff Branch-II

Principal Staff Officer Controllers And Director Generals Assistant Principal Staff Officer
Staff Branch I
Abb Descriptions
DCNS Deputy Chief of Naval Staff
DGNO Director General of Naval Operations
DNO Directorate of Naval Operations
DSOD Directorate of Special Operations and Diving
DIW Directorate of Information Warfare
DNOM Directorate of Naval Oceanology and Meteorology
DSMO Directorate of Submarine Operations
NHD Naval History Division
ACNS(CSNCO) Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Communications, Space and Network Centric Operations)
DNS Directorate of Naval Signals
DNSO Directorate Network and Space Operations
DNCO Directorate of Network Centric Operations
ACNS(FCI) Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Foreign Co-operation and Intelligence)
DNI Directorate of Naval Intelligence
DFC Directorate of Foreign Co-operation
MPIC Media and Public Information Cell
ACNS(AIR) Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Air)
DNAS Directorate of Naval Air Staff
DAA Directorate of Aircraft Acquisition
DAWFS Directorate of Air Warfare and Flight Safety
DAPM Directorate of Aviation Projects Management
ACNS (AM) Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Air Materiel)
DASE Directorate Aircraft Systems Engineering
DAPP Directorate of Air Projects & Plans
DALS Directorate of Air Logistics Support