Personnel Branch

Principal Staff Officer Controllers And Director Generals Assistant Principal Staff Officer
Personnel Branch
Abbreviation Description
COP Chief of Personnel
CPS Controller of Personnel Services
ACOP(HRD) Assistant Chief of Personnel (HRD)
DOP Directorate of Personnel
DNT Directorate of Naval Training
DAPSA/SSCB Directorate of Adventure Physical Fitness & Sports Activities
ACOP (CIV) Assistant Chief of Personnel (Civillian)
DCP Directorate of Civillian Personnel
DCPS Directorate of Civillian Personnel Services
DPA Directorate of Pay & Allowances
DNL Directorate of Naval Law
DMPR Directorate of Manpower Planning & Recruitment
NSEC Naval Standing Establishment Committee
DNE Directorate of Naval Education
DPS Directorate of Personnel Services
DNPF/INBA Directorate of Non Public Fund
DESA Directorate of Ex-Servicemen Affairs
DGMS(N) Director General Medical Services
DGNAP Director General Naval Academy Project PMA (D)