INHS Kalyani

Surg Cdr MC Nath reads the Commissioning Warrant On 18 May 1962

Surg Cdr MC Nath reads the Commissioning Warrant On 18 May 1962

Mission statement

The Officers and Sailors of Indian Naval Hospital Ship Kalyani are committed to provide preventive, promotive and curative care to all our clientele through modern technology, constant upgradation of knowledge and humanised empathetic care to patients' entire satisfaction.

Significance of crest

INHS Kalyani

  • The hospital crest depicts a lotus set against the sun with waves in lower part.
  • The Lotus is a sacred flower in many cultures including ancient Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist ones and a symbol of spontaneous generation, purity and resurrection.
  • The sun is the provider of all energy and thus life on the planet. The waves on the lower half of the crest represent the Naval context.
  • The crest symbolizes the life and revival which are highly appropriate issues in medicin


The hospital is commanded by Surgeon Commodore Sandeep Kumar Sinha a distinguished specialist in “Preventive and Social Medicine” of the Indian Armed Forces.  He took over the reins of INHS Kalyani on 09 Oct 2014.


The Naval Hospital at Visakhapatnam was inaugurated on 26 Apr 62 by VAdm RD Katari, Chief of Naval Staff and was initially functioning from within the Naval Base at INS Circars, with 60 sanctioned beds. She was formally commissioned INHS Kalyani on 18 May 62 and Surg Cdr MC Nath was the first Commanding Officer. Persistent efforts resulted in upgradation of INHS Kalyani to 185 and then 204 beds in 1979. Accordingly, a new hospital complex was constructed in phases and the first to come up was the complex that had the Family Wards and the Labour Room in Oct 79. The new complex was formally inaugurated on 17 Sep 86. On 18 May 87, the hospital celebrated the Silver Jubilee.

The hospital continued to make progress in the modernization of its equipment and specialist facilities and soon became a full-fledged secondary care provider in ENC. In 1991, the Naval Headquarters (as it was known then) increased the bed strength to 306.

Achievements and Major Milestones

  • Over the last 50 years, the hospital has successfully delivered comprehensive health care to serving and retired Armed Forces personnel and their families. The hospital has also provided disaster relief to earthquake victims; cyclone afflicted civilians as well as those affected by the Tsunami (Dec 2004) in India and abroad. Despite being restricted by Govt. Sanction for personnel and infrastructure dating back to 1978 when the Bed Strength was 185 beds, the hospital has been handling the increasing workload with dedicated application of all available resources to meet set targets of professionalism in patient care. In 1986 the hospital completed a smooth transition to its new location from the old premises inside INS Circars. In 1991 the hospital’s bed strength was enhanced to 302 with 4 additional beds for the Coast Guard.
  • INHS Kalyani has not only been rendering comprehensive health care to the dependent population but also has been participating in community outreach programs to enhance the role of Indian Navy as an Ambassador of Goodwill.
  • The hospital celebrated her Silver Jubilee with outreach programs and the release a Special Postal Cover on 18 May 1987. Majority of the officers who were serving at INHS Kalyani and signed the cover at that time, have risen to high positions including three to the rank of Surgeon Rear Admiral and equivalent

Modern ICU

Modern ICU

  • The Officers Ward Room as well as to green the hospital premises. The hospital is housed in buildings with a total plinth area of 27,000 sqm. Government has accorded approval for the upgradation of INHS Kalyani to a Command Hospital with 600 + 4 Beds in Apr 2010.
  • CME on Trauma Care. A CME on "New Trends in Trauma Care" was conducted by INHS Kalyani on 27-28 Aug 2011, where many super speciality consultants and prominent speakers from the tri services have spoken on the topics like Trauma Care, Role of blood components in trauma, Advances in burn management, Abdominal injuries and Maxillofacial trauma.
  • CME on Life Style Diseases. A CME on "Lifestyle Diseases" was conducted by INHS Kalyani on 05-06 Nov 2011, where many leading specialty and super speciality practitioners from the city spoken on the topics like Diabetes, Syndrome X and Hypertension.

Special Care Ward

Special Care Ward

Tasks and Roles

  • The role assigned to INHS Kalyani is to provide indoor and outdoor medical care and treatment to entitled defence services personnel, ex-servicemen and their families and to be ready at all times to provide medical aid and treatment to casualties sustained during Naval Operations as well as to provide medical teams to embark along with units being deployed.
  • NHS Kalyani is tasked to utilize delegated financial powers to procure NIV drugs, expendables and non-expendables items; repair, servicing, maintenance and AMC of Medical / Dental instruments, equipment and systems as well as for hiring of any service required by the Hospital.
  • INHS Kalyani is tasked to stock Palletised Medical Stores and suitably turn them around. Each Pallet is suitable for 100 patients for one day. Ten such pallets form a ‘Brick’ and five such Bricks are stocked at INHS Kalyani and issued to units proceeding on deployment as per directives of the Headquarters, Eastern Naval Command.
  • The Commanding Officer, INHS Kalyani scrutinizes the bills raised by civil hospitals for inpatient and outpatient treatment given on credit to serving personnel, and their dependent family members.
  • INHS Kalyani imparts training to Post Graduate students in DNB (Family Medicine), Intern's and also provide Continuing Medical Education to Medical Officers, Nursing Officers and Sailors posted at INHS Kalyani and in the Command.
  • INHS Kalyani provides Specialist Review Opinions for cases declared Unfit at Recruitment Centres in INS Circars, BROs at Visakhapatnam and Gopalpur, 9 AF Selection Centre at Bhubaneswar, Sainik School at Korukonda and DHQ Coast Guard. The ENT, Skin and Eye Specialists of this hospital visit INHS Nivarini, Chilka periodically for specialist review cover for patients / Recruits.
  • INHS Kalyani conducts Periodic Medical Examination for Officers, Sailors and Defence Civilians posted at INHS Kalyani.
  • The hospital gives support to “Sankalp”, a school for special children in terms of physiotherapy, speech therapy and periodic visits by Psychiatrist and Paediatrician for professional guidance and supervision. 
  • The ECHS Polyclinic is located in the premises of INHS Kalyani. The space for the ECHS Dispensary is provided within the Hospital building. The procurement of Medical Stores (AFMSD demands and Local Purchase) is undertaken by the hospital. All medical bills of ECHS personnel are processed by the Commanding Officer of the Hospital in consultation with concerned specialists. The Commanding Officer is the defacto Senior Executive Medical Officer (SEMO) for cases referred by ECHS.

The Future (INHS Kalyani Upgradation Project)

Approval In Principle was received from the Government of India in Apr 2010 for upgradation of INHS Kalyani to a 604 bedded Command Hospital with super-speciality centres, The Detailed Project Report (DPR) was submitted in May 2011. The DPR is now being vetted by Higher Authorities prior to submission to the Ministry of Defence, for accord of Administrative Approval. The 10 - storeyed new wing has been designed as a state - of - the - art, fully air - conditioned and mechanically ventilated building with basement parking, terrace auditorium and roof-top helipad. All the super-specialty centres, operation theatres, intensive care units, cardiac catheterization lab, CBRN decontamination centre, OPDs and majority of wards will be housed in the new wing. Green building norms will be adhered to and a GRIHA 5 - star rating shall be aimed for. The landscaped gardens and water bodies surrounding the building shall contribute to the overall healing environment.


The hospital is divided into 05 Departmental Groups each departmental group functions under the charge of an officer as under.

(a)    Administrative Department - HOD Executive Officer
(i)   MI Room
(ii)  Medical Stores
(iii)  Dispensary
(iv)  Medical Board Office
(v)   First Lieutenant
(vi)  Regulating & Security
(vii)  Fire Fighting & NBCDO
(viii) MTO
(ix)  MSO
(x)   Education
(xi)  Sports
(xii) WR Mess Secretary
(xiii) Unit Run Canteen
(xiv) IT Dept/ NHIMS
(xv) GDMOs

(b)     Works & Maintenance Department - OI/c Senior Works Officer
(i) Works
(ii) Maintenance

(c)     Clinical Department – Senior specialist in each department is HOD
(i)      Medicine
(ii)     Surgery
(iii)    Gynaecology
(iv)    Anaesthesiology
(v)     Eye
(vi)    ENT
(vii)    Dermatology
(viii)   Psychiatry
(ix)     Paediatrics
(x)      Dental
(xi)     Pathology
(xii)    Radiology

(d)     Nursing Department - O I/c PM
(e)     Logistics Department - O I/c Logistics Officer
(i)    Pay
(ii)   Naval Stores
(iii)   Victualling Stores
(iv)  SD Section
(v)   CE Section

Facilities Available at INHS Kalyani

(a)     A fully equipped state of the art Casualty Centre functions 24 x 7 with following: - 
         (i) 03 Doctors 
         (ii) 03 patient trolleys and 05 wheel chairs.
         (iii) Cardiac Monitor, Defibrillator, ECG machine, Pulse Oxymeter, Oxygen Concentrator, Central Oxygen Supply.
         (iv) 07 MA’s 
         (v) 01CC Van + 02 Ambulances 

(b)    Medical OPD
(c)    Cardiac OPD
(d)    Surgical OPD
(e)    Orthopaedic OPD
(f)     Obs and Gyn OPD
(g)    ENT OPD
(h)    Eye OPD
(j)     Dermatology OPD
(k)    Paediatric OPD 
(l)     Psychiatric OPD
(m)   Dental OPD
(n)    Pre Anaesthesia Check up OPD with Modular OT
(p)    Fully functional Laboratory
(r)     Blood Transfusion Department
(s)    X-Ray, USG and CT scan facilities
(t)     Department of Medical Informatics (IT)
(u)    Modular Medical and Surgical ICU
(v)    Renal Care Unit

Introduction of SMS Based Registration System.    

A fully automated, web based SMS registration system was introduced in INHS Kalyani on 12 Oct 15. Increasing number of clientele has resorted to using this mode of appointment, especially in high workload OPDs such as Gynaecology, Medicine, Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology OPD. This facility has drastically reduced the waiting period of the clients. SMS is forwarded from a mobile and software on a standalone computer automatically generates queuing for each OPDs.  The software also queue on different time slots thus spreading the total OPD workload between 0800 to 1300 hrs thus decreasing the waiting time for patients. The detailed procedure for obtaining an appointment for a particular OPD is as appended below:-

INHS Kalyani

Various OPD and their Timings

INHS Kalyani

Important Telephone Numbers/ Contact Information

INHS Kalyani

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