Executive Officer

Captain S Sreekanth

Captain S Sreekanth is an alumnus of 13th Naval Engineering Course. He was commissioned in the Electrical Branch of the Indian Navy on 01 Jan 2001. The officer during his career in the Indian Navy had tenanted appoints on board Indian Naval Ships INS Kirch, INS Nashak, INS Teg and INS Sahyadri. In addition the officer served in Yard billets at ND(Vizag) and NSRY(Kar), shore billets at Directorate of Information Technlogy and Software Engineering Group (Mumbai). The officer has completed M.Tech in computer science from IIT Madras. He has also undergone Technical Management Course from Naval War College and the prestigious Higher Defence Management Course from College of Defence Management, Secunderabad. The officer is an avid runner and a keen sportsman. He is married to Mrs. Praseetha, a home maker and has two sons.

Executive Officer is responsible for the following:-

  •   Running the daily routine of the establishment and co-coordinating the work of all departments.
  •   Functioning of the OOD, DDO and Guardroom organization.
  •   Security of the establishment against infiltrators, saboteurs and so on.
  •   General Conduct, discipline and morale of the Ships Company.
  •   Ensuring that the welfare of the men is properly and adequately looked after.
  •   Maintaining suitable liaison with the local Army, Air Force, Police Authorities and civil administrative authorities including local industries.
  •   Organization and efficient working of land fighting platoons.
  •   Being an ex-officio President of the Master Chiefs/ Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers Messes, he is responsible for smooth running of these messes.
  •   Execution of the disposal instructions received from CABS for the sailors borne in the establishment, through the Regulating Officer.
  •   Divisional Organization.
  •   Supervision of the following funds – Unit Canteen, Ship’s Welfare Fund, Officer’s Welfare Fund, Senior Sailors Mess and Wine Fund, Sailors Institute, Sailing Club Fund, Sports Fund, Dependents I Card Fund and DSC Fund.
  •   Conduct of Sports activities (including swimming) for both officers and sailors.
  •   Custody of Plates, Relics and Trophies of the establishment.
  •   Interaction with the District Administration for Disaster Management activities.

Executive Department consists of the following sub-departments:-

  •   Provost – Regulating, Security, Intelligence and Defence Security Corps
  •   Gunnery – Parade and small arms Training and Ceremonials
  •   First Lieutenant – Ship’s Husbandry, Cleanship and Welfare
  •   Unit Run Canteen
  •   Sports – PT, swimming, games and competition
  •   Fire Fighting
  •   Sailors Institute
  •   Trainee Divisions
  •   Watermanship Training Complex (WTC)
  •   Family Welfare Centre (FWC)
  •   Band
  •   Administration of all markets inside INS Valsura
  •   Communication
  •   Conduct of Non-Professional Training – NBCD, Hull Maintenance
  •   Wardroom

Each of the above sub-departments is headed by an Officer-in-Charge, who is directly responsible to the Executive Officer for the administration and execution of specific duties pertaining to his department.

Commander Technical Services (CTS)

The Commander Technical Services is entrusted with the responsibility of providing technical assistance for installation of equipment for training, efficient progress of civil works, maintenance and optimal availability of Motor Transport, Electrical and Engineering equipment of the Establishment. The emphasis is to provide services so as to enhance training effectiveness and the quality of life by efficiently administering the following:-

  •  Land and Estate
  •  Civil Works, Maintenance and Furniture
  •  Married Billeting
  •  Power House
  •  Electrical and Radio Engineering
  •  Marine Engineering
  •  Cinema
  •  Motor Transport
  •  Installation works
  •  Maintenance Workshop

The thrust of the Department has been to develop the infrastructure of the Establishment in tandem with technology, improve the habitability & hygienic conditions and enhance the quality of life of personnel. To achieve this aim the department takes up upgradation of assets required for training, improvement of existing infrastructure, improvement in overall living condition, upgradation of sports and recreational facilities. It also carries out planned preventive maintenance of existing assets of the Establishment in a phased manner.

Logistics Officer (LOGO)

The Logistics Department is headed by the Logistics Officer.He is assisted by his team which consists of DLOGO who in turn is being assisted by ALOGO, (Pay and Budget).ALOG,(Naval Stores).ALOGO, (Victualling) and ALOGO, (Clothing). At present there are 109 sailors under different ranks and designation,working with the department. The history of Logistics department dates back to the times since the inception of Valsura itself. Since then it has been doing a wonderful job and catering to all the Officers and Sailors of INS Valsura.


The Logistics department forms the backbone of every organisation. No ship can remain fighting fit if its logistics capabilities are lacking. The logistics department provides with a host of facilities.This ranges from meeting the ration requirements of all the personnel stationed at INS Valsura which also includes the families of the married personnel. The department also runs three in number gallies which includes the central galley,wardroom mess galley and the DSC galley. In addition to these the department undertakes all pay related issues,maintains clothing, naval and victualling stores.


There have various achievements of the logistics department. The notable ones amongst them are as follows:

  •   Opening of new RIK point-PASAND
  •   Inauguration of new logistics complex near Valsura museum
  •   The transformation of the cafeteria in wardroom into Officers institute

Senior Education Officer (SEDO)

The Education Department carries out general educational duties. The major responsibilities of the department include functioning as Naval Recruitment Establishment (NRE), maintenance of Library, Ships Information Room, Hobbies Club, Naval KG, Implementation of Official Language, Conduct of Educational Exams, Coaching Classes, Co-ordination of ACC Scheme, CD/PM/SCE exam, and management of Valsura Printing Press. By virtue of the role of the establishment as an NRE the department undertakes all activities in respect of recruitment of SSRs (earlier MERs), Artificer Apprentices and DEDH. In addition, the Senior Education Officer is entrusted with the duties of Chairman’s nominee in the Management Committee of KV Valsura and has an additional responsibility in terms of the Administration, Financial, and Educational aspects, including admissions, civil/maintenance works, appointment of teachers etc. of the Vidyalaya. Education Department is also responsible for Public Relation, responsible for liaisoning with the local print and electronic media so as to project the best image of the Navy and the establishment. Propagation of general education amongst the families and children of naval and civilian personnel of the establishment is an additional thrust area of the department. The libraries of the Family Welfare Centre, 2M DET and sickbay are being augmented by the department.


  •   Ship’s Library
  •   Kendriya Vidyalaya
  •   Naval KG School
  •   Public Relations
  •   Hobbies Club
  •   Ship Information Room
  •   Implementation of Official Language Policy

Project division (PD)

The role of Project Division (PD) is to foresee, examine, assess, design and implement new projects to enhance the efficiency of both Training as well as Administrative departments and thus the efficiency of the organization as a whole. In addition, this department provisions and procures various IT related hardware and software. Project Division is the nodal agency for management of IT resources of the entire establishment. The network Control centre for INS Valsura Campus Area network is located in the department. The department ensures maximum uptime of the server farm hosting all the IT related services to meet the requirements of the users on the network. The defect rectification and management of this vast network is totally undertaken in-house by the department.

Achievements of the department:

  •   Implementation of the Layer 3 based fibre optic network Across the campus covering all offices and schools.
  •   Implementation of a Intra Mailing System on MS Exchange Server.
  •   Development of Smart Card based software for Secure access of all computers on the Local Area Network.
  •   Development of CBT packages for various subjects.
  •   Development of software for improving the various Administrative Functions.
  •   Implementation of USB Access control Mechanism

Medical Department (PMO)

The role of medical department is to ensure physical and mental well being of the population of INS Valsura and other additional units.The population being provided medical cover has gradually increased from a meagre 250 in 1957 to over 4000 at present. Of these approximately 3500 comprise service personnel and their families, while the remaining consist of MES and other civilian employees residing in the base or living outside the base. While the magnitude of work has increased, the basic role primary health care remains unchanged.


  •   1230 children immunised as a part of Pulse Polio Immunisation Program- 2006-07 during the months of January, February, March and May- 07
  •   Free dental treatment for Old Persons of Vridhashram, Jamnagar on Mar 24,07
  •   Blood Donation Camp held on Nov 28,07 in which a participation of 164 was registered
  •   Medical Health Camp held at Halar Lake Chemical works on Nov 30,07
  •   Medicals of Naval KG conducted in July 07
  •   Medicals of KV,Valsura conducted in Aug 07
  •  As a part of “Year of the Naval Family” programmes, sailors family medical conducted in Nov-Dec 07
  •   Medical Health Camp conducted at Old Age Home, Jamnagar on Dec 05,06
  •   Health Exhibition as a part of Navy Week Celebrations on Dec 04,06
  •   Computerisation of Sick Bay:A total of 08 in number PCs with accessories have been installed in the Sick Bay. Networking Cable was installed for the computers of Sick Bay and connected with the VALNET on CAN. A 24hrs Internet connection has also been provided in the Sick Bay library for usage by all.


  •   Clinical Facilities
  •   SHO
  •   Family welfare centre and family clinic