WNC Mumbai Support Infrastructure

The major operational support infrastructure of the Western Naval Command comprises of following:-

  • Naval Dockyard (Mumbai). The Admiral Superintendent, Naval Dockyard, is responsible for refits and repairs of ships and submarines.
  • Material Organisation (Mumbai). The Logistics, machinery and spares requirements of all ships and establishments of the Command are met by the Material Organisation.
  • INHS Asvini. The Naval Hospital INHS Asvini provides state of the art medical facilities to all naval personnel – both serving and retired – as well as their families. Smaller hospitals are located at Goa and Karwar.

With about 32% of officers, 38% of sailors and over 57% civilians of the entire Indian Navy belonging to this Command, bolstered by it’s formidable assets, the Western Naval Command truly is the sword-arm of the Indian Navy and seeks to retain relevance right across the entire spectrum of conflict

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