NCC day at sea onboard INS Trikand

NCC day at sea onboard INS Trikand

    A visit for NCC cadets of various Maharashtra NCC units (Mumbai, Ratnagiri, Pune, Nagpur) was organized by no 1 Maharashtra Naval Unit NCC.  A total of 148 NCC cadets comprising 100 senior division boys and 48 senior wing girls along with 09 training staff embarked the ship at 0700h on 07 Jun 16. The sea sortie for the NCC cadets had been incorporated for the first time in their training schedule. The group comprised of cadets of second and third year, who were currently undergoing the combined annual training camp-16 (catc). The training camp for the cadets is pre-requisite to appear for ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate qualification respectively. The ship sailed out at 0930 h and returned harbour at 1430 h after demonstrating naval evolutions to the cadets.

   Upon embarkation, all cadets and training staff were given safety briefing, programme for the day as well as do’s and don’ts onboard. all cadets were divided into groups for efficient conduct of demonstration & instruction onboard. thereafter, the cadets and training staff were served with light breakfast. The following activities were conducted during the sea sortie:-

  • Briefing during leaving harbour.      All cadets were formed up on helo deck to witness leaving harbour. live commentary for every event to elucidate the basic activities during leaving harbour was undertaken. In addition, a brief history of structures/ heritage across the harbour coastline were covered in the commentary.  
  • FPM drills.    The cadets were briefed about the existence of asymmetric threat whilst ships entered/ left harbour. FPM drills were demonstrated to cadets on fast attack craft simulated by FIC and sequential interception by ship’s FPM sentries using small arms.


  • Chetak dlps on INS Delhi.    The cadets were also made to witness flying operations and deck landing practice of chetak onboard INS Delhi. They were briefed about the operations undertaken by helo during SAR missions.

  • Seamanship lectures.    Various lectures on exercises and evolutions carried out by Indian Navy were conducted to give an insight to young NCC cadets about multifaceted operations of Indian Navy. 
  • Visit to compartments.    All cadets were taken around the Ops room, MCR and adjoining compartments and were briefed on the capabilities of various equipment/ machinery installed and their functioning on frontline warships.
  • Lunch with Commanding Officer.  Upon completion of training activities, lunch was organised in helo hangar wherein the cadets interacted with the Commanding Officer. During the interaction, it was evident that NCC cadets were highly enthusiastic and inclined toward joining the Indian Navy. All cadets were quite inquisitive about recruitment options for the Indian Navy.

  • Presentation of mementos.    The Commanding Officer presented the ship’s cap and group photograph to the coordinating officers from 1 Maharashtra Naval Unit NCC. All cadets were also presented ship’s keychain as memorabilia.
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