Categorisation of Ship's Equipment

The ship-building materials, equipment and systems onboard an IN warship can be classified into the following three categories:-

(a) Float. This category encompasses all materials, equipment and systems associated with the hull structures and fittings viz. Hull construction materials, Hangar Doors/Shutters and Davits.

(b) Move. Equipment under this category encompasses propulsion system and power generation diesel/ gas/ steam turbine engines, alternators, associated control systems {Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)/ Automatic Power Management System (APMS)}, auxiliary mechanical systems and general electrical equipment.

(c) Fight. Equipment under this category encompasses all types of ship borne weapons and sensor systems that directly provide or aid the combat capability to the ship viz. Supersonic Missile system, SONARs, Torpedo Tube Launchers and Gun Fire Control Systems.

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