F O B (Tuticorin)

Forward Operation Base, Tuticorin

FOB, Tuticorin in envisaged to be set up for executing the under mentioned duties.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Provide logistics and base support to ships and crafts operating in the area.
  • Liaise with Local authorities, viz., District authorities of Tuticorin police, Customs, Ports, Intelligence and Service authorities.
  • Requisition civil ship repair facilities for use by the Navy.
  • Maintain stock reserve of stores / spares at Tuticorin.
  • Represent the Navy at the District coordination and Intelligence Committee Meetings, Coastal Security Meeting and Meetings of Tuticorin Port Trusts.
  • In the event of dislocation of services in Tuticorin Port due to natural calamities, breakdown of law and order etc. Assist local authorities to keep them functioning, with the assistance of the Army, if available.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Operational turn around of ships designated for coastal and harbour defence.
  • Maintain liaison with the Maritime Operation Centre at Chennai and IAF Operations Centre for detection of targets at sea, intelligence of approaching threats and for sea borne targets with in the area.
  • Advise NOIC (TN & P) on preparation of defence against underwater sabotage of ships in harbour and off shore installations.
  • Constant liaison with the District authorities and Local Air Force and Army authorities for various defence measures to be implemented.
  • Institutions of examination service at Tuticorin Port as directed by higher authorities.
  • Detention and seizure of enemy ships in Tuticorin harbour as directed by higher authorities.
  • Enforcing contraband regulations and Naval control of shipping on receipt of instructions from NOIC (TN & P) / IHQ.
  • Control of navigational aids as per higher directives.
  • Protection of sailing vessels as per higher directives.
  • Requisitioning of local vessels previously earmarked on receipt of requisitioning telegrams / intimations.
  • Provide logistics support to ships operating in coastal areas of Tuticorin.
  • Assist NOIC (TN & P) in preparation and execution of operational plans in times of war and contingency plans to maintain essential services during peace time.
  • Port Defence Organisation of Tuticorin Port as per the Port Defence Orders.
  • Naval Control of Shipping in war and peace at Tuticorin Port.
  • Anti smuggling operations in conjunction with Customs and Coast Guard authorities.
  • Operation of crafts for Local Naval Defence.
  • Assistance to NOIC (TN & P), Port authorities in emergencies and as directed by IHQ MoD (N), Government of India

Current status

The process for acquisition of land for setting up the FOB at Tutiocrin Port is in progress.

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