Maritime Warfare Centre (Mumbai)

Historical Background

MWC (MB) is located in the Naval Dockyard, Mumbai, functioning under the administrative control of Headquarters, Western Naval Command and the operational control of Naval Headquarters. The unit was commissioned as TACT (Bombay) on 09 May 81. It was re-designated, by Naval Headquarters, as MWC (MB) in Oct 2000.


A wide spectrum of Tactical Games can be played with this digital computer-based trainer which comprises a fully integrated system operating on the modular concept. It permits the stimulation of all types of ships, submarines, aircraft, and helicopter platforms, guided and non-guided weapons and their associated radars, sonars and other sensors. In addition, it is capable of providing training in Aircraft and Helicopter Direction procedures.

Control Room - ASTT

Control Room - ASTT


The functions of the MWC (MBI) are as given below:-

  • To arrange tactical games for ships and other units as required.
  • To assist in evaluation and assessment of newly evolved tactical doctrines.
  • To assist in analysis of major tactical exercises.
  • To study specific tactical problems as projected by IHQ.
IAS Probationers Visit

IAS Probationers Visit

Presentation to COs

Presentation to COs

  • To conduct training courses as promulgated by IHQ.
  • To compile and maintain a data library of the capabilities of own and enemy naval units.
  • To arrange practical training of ships crew on the Ship Handling Simulator.
  • To provide training to the crew of all ships/submarines of WNC, in various aspects of ships handling and Bridgemanship.

The aim of the organisation are as follows:-

Major Achievements

In addition to the normal training on procedural/ tactical war games for ships, submarines and aircraft of WNC, attachments of the DSSC, Wellington and COQC were also successfully completed.

MWC (MB) is the venue for conducting briefings/ presentations for visiting foreign and inter-service delegations and also hosts numerous seminars, workshops and Naval Professional Series Lectures throughout the year.

  • To ensure all operational units achieve maximum tactical and procedural training before going to sea.
  • To try out newly developed tactics as realistically as possible on ASTT prior to being tried out at sea.
  • To train maximum personnel in Ship handling drills in the SHS.
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