INHS Patanjali

INHS Patanjali

Historical Background

INHS Patanjali is named after the great sage Patanjali, who lived around 2000 years ago. His major contributions included treatises in yoga, medicine and grammar. The hospital was commissioned on 26 Dec 2006. Surg Captain CB Chikkanna was the first Commanding Officer of INHS Patanjali.


  • Peacetime role. The hospital provides its preventive and curative care to all the servicemen and families of the Navy, DSC, NCC, Coast Guard, Ex Servicemen and their dependents. Emergency services are extended to civilians as and when required.
  • Operational role. The hospital is responsible for the medical support of the ships based in Karwar and other establishments.


  • Aid to Civil Authorities. The unit extended its timely services to civil authorities during a train accident near Karwar on 08 Nov 10 and a bus accident on 26 Nov 10.
  • Health Camps. In addition the hospital has been organising various ‘Health Camps’ to extend its facilities to the needy at Karwar.
  • The recent ‘Health Camps’ organised include:-
    • A Medical and Dental camp was organised at Janata Vidyalaya, Mudga on 30 Nov 11.
    • A Medical and Dental camp was organised at Rehabilitation Centre, Chithakula on 07 Dec 11.
    • A Medical & Dental Camp for school children was organised at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Naval Base, Karwar from 02 Feb to 04 Feb 12 .
    • A Spirometory camp was organised at Medical OPD INHS Patanjali on 27 Feb 12.
    • INHS Patanjali was organised a Veteran Sailor Medical Camp at Dharwad on 24 Jun 12.
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