Title Start Datesort ascending End Date Tender Document
RFP for Manufacturing and Installation of Flap Gates for all Three Dry Docks for Augmentation of Drydock and Slipway (PH-II) at ND(V) 04/07/2018 16/08/2018 RFPRFP(343.46KB)
RFP for Procurement of Hardware for TFCS Sindhuvir 02/07/2018 08/08/2018 RFPRFP(879.69KB)
Tender for Augmentation of SDD Pump House Phase II Miscellaneous Buildings at ND V 27/06/2018 30/07/2018 NITNIT(213.91KB)
RFP for Quotations for Hiring of AC and Non AC Cars INS India ,Dara Shukoh Road New Delhi 27/06/2018 10/07/2018 RFPRFP(685.98KB)
RFI for Setting of Naval Aircraft and Ship Instrumentation and Telemetry (NASI) Equipment for the Indian Navy 27/06/2018 28/09/2018 RFIRFI(1294.21KB)
Invitation of Quotation for Hiring of Conservancy Services for Offices Located at A-33, Kailash Colony, IHQ MOD (Navy) New Delhi & IMAC, Gurgaon 22/06/2018 13/07/2018 RFPRFP(466.04KB)
Invitation of Quotation for Hiring of Conservancy Services for Offices Located at ‘D’ Wing, Sena Bhawan, IHQ-MoD (Navy), New Delhi 22/06/2018 13/07/2018 RFPRFP(469.91KB)
RFP for Testing and Optimisation of Tactical Algorithms 21/06/2018 18/07/2018 RFPRFP(255.14KB)
RFI for Construction of 10 Metre Aluminium Rigid Hull Boat for Indian Navy 20/06/2018 19/07/2018 RFIRFI(584.95KB)
RFI for Construction of 10 Metre GRP Rigid Hull Boat for Indian Navy 20/06/2018 19/07/2018 RFIRFI(581.61KB)
RFP for Invitation of Bids for Sea Transportation of Submarine From Severodvinsk (Russia) To Mumbai (India) on a Transport Dock Ship 20/06/2018 20/07/2018 RFPRFP(213.94KB)
RFQ for Provision of Infrastructure Works Consisting of Road & Bridges, Drains, Water Supply,Sewerage, Slope Protection, Waste Management, Power System Including Water and Sewage Treatment Plants at Naval Base Karwar Under other Works Package 18/06/2018 20/08/2018 RFQRFQ(2904.21KB)
Notice Inviting Tender for Indigenous Development and Supply of Lithium Thermal Batteries for Countermeasure System 15/06/2018 29/06/2018 NITNIT(153.16KB)
RFI For Construction of One Survey Training Vessel (STV) 15/06/2018 13/07/2018 Final_RFI_07_Jun_18.pdfFinal_RFI_07_Jun_18.pdf(511.42KB)
RFP for Invitation Bids for Procurement of Electronic Componets 15/06/2018 05/07/2018 RFPRFP(10785.36KB)
NIT for Hiring Of 32000 Mandays Casual Labourers 11/06/2018 02/07/2018 RFPRFP(215.38KB)
RFP for Procurement of 12 in Number all in one Desktop Machine 11/06/2018 04/07/2018 RFPRFP(228.28KB)
RFI for Manufacture, supply, test and commissioning of Brows (Gangways) for IAC Vikramadity 08/06/2018 29/06/2018 RFIRFI(396.18KB)
RFP for Design and Development of MIL Grade Customized Power Supply Units 08/06/2018 28/06/2018 RFPRFP(11021.28KB)
RFP for Design and Development of Algorithm for computation of vertical height above MSL and spatial position of an air track from sensor data 30/05/2018 19/06/2018 RFPRFP(8096.67KB)


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