Title Start Datesort descending End Date Tender Document
Invitation of Quotations for Procurement of Kayaking, Canoeing & Dragon Boats and Accessories for Navy Team, New Delhi 28/11/2017 22/12/2017 RFPRFP(10176.86KB)
Tender NoticeTender Notice(473.18KB)
Tender Notice for Renewal of 03 Nos "Blanking off Plates", (01 each at the suction line of BFV1, BFV2 & at the suction line of Industrial Pumps) along with standard accessories at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam 28/11/2017 18/12/2017 Tender NoticeTender Notice(1528.35KB)
Tender Notice for Replacement of Winch for Varuna Flap Gate along with Standard Accessories, Visakhapatnam 28/11/2017 18/12/2017 Tender NoticeTender Notice(1455.8KB)
Tender for Repairs/Replacement of Certain Misc B/R Works Under DGNP, Visakhapatnam 30/11/2017 19/12/2017 NITNIT(247.92KB)
RFP for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of CNC Lathe machine for Infrastructure Development of OWC at Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam 30/11/2017 28/12/2017 RFPRFP(2856.13KB)
RFP for Consultancy for Design and Development of Mathematical Primitive based on Stochastic and Diffusion processes 30/11/2017 04/12/2017 RFPRFP(2352.96KB)
RFP for Procurement of Embedded Industrial Grade Computer for Integrated Broadcast Application(IBA), New Delhi 30/11/2017 20/12/2017 RFPRFP(11658.26KB)
Tender for Provision of Arboriculture Work for OWC at ND Visakhapatnam 30/11/2017 19/12/2017 NITNIT(208.36KB)
RFP for Procurement of Prototype Hardware for Enterprise Grade Edge Security Devices at New Delhi 02/12/2017 20/12/2017 RFPRFP(5336.81KB)
RFP for Procurement of Electronic Components and Hardware, New Delhi 05/12/2017 20/12/2017 RFPRFP(10202.93KB)
RFI for Modernisation of Naval Aircraft Yards at Goa and Kochi 07/12/2017 09/03/2018 RFIRFI(617.7KB)
RFP for Procurement of Sports Skydiving (Student) Parachutes 08/12/2017 10/01/2018 tender Noticetender Notice(37.99KB)
Invitation of Bids for Translation and Printing of Book Titled 'True History of the Sino-Indian Border War' 08/12/2017 08/01/2018 RFPRFP(118.28KB)
Tender NoticeTender Notice(48.27KB)
Invitation of Bids for Hiring of Pvt Sec Services at TS Mahul 08/12/2017 20/12/2017 RFPRFP(7086.28KB)
RFP for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Pump Test Bench for Infrastructure 09/12/2017 05/01/2018 RFPRFP(211.29KB)
RFP for Procurement of Chart Server and Chart Clients alongwith Software GUI including Integration Services 11/12/2017 27/12/2017 RFP RFP (13610.96KB)
Tender for Augmentation of Security Infrastructure Phase-II at ND(V) 12/12/2017 16/01/2018 Tender NoticeTender Notice(203.64KB)
RFP for Hiring of Data Entry Operators for BLOGO (D), New Delhi 18/12/2017 01/01/2018 RFPRFP(155.21KB)
RFP for Manpower for Operation & Maintenance of Sports Facilities under INS India, New Delhi 18/12/2017 01/01/2018 RFPRFP(157.09KB)
RFP for Modernisation of Material Organisation, Goa on 'Turnkey' Basis 19/12/2017 19/03/2018 RFP First PartRFP First Part(38671.4KB)
RFP Second PartRFP Second Part(37335.07KB)
Pre Bid QueriesPre Bid Queries(94.91KB)


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