Under the umbrella of Navy Education Society there is professional Institution viz. Naval Institute of Technology, Mumbai. However, in NIT, Mumbai all seats are reserved for the children of Defence personnel. The following priority is followed amongst these Defence personnel:-

S.No.       Priority Categories

1.            I    Children of serving Naval personnel
2.            II   Children of retired Naval personnel
3.            III  Children of serving Army/IAF/Coast Guard
4.            IV  Children of retired Army IAF/Coast Guard
5.            V   Children of Defence civilian

Indian Naval Benevolent Association

1. Scholarship for Post 10+2 Education

Merit scholarships are admissible for graduation courses to children of all naval pensioners. Besides these scholarships for recognised Vocational Courses of 50 weeks or more duration are also given to sailors� children only. The rates of scholarship per annum are Rs.10,000/- for day Scholars and Rs.20,000/- for Boarders. Eligibility details are given as under:-
  Science Humanities Science Humanities
Marks in 10+2(for Graduation) 80% 75% 65% 60%
Marks in Graduation (for Post Graduation) 65% 60% 65% 60%
Vocational Courses (Marks in 10+2) - 65% - 60%
Renewal 60% 60% 60% 60%

2. Specimen application form for scholarships is placed below and is also available with local Naval Authorities, NCC Units, Zila Sainik Boards and Secretary, Indian Naval Benevolent Association. Typed/neatly handwritten applications are to reach Naval Headquarters by 01 Nov.

3. Scholarships for Handicapped Children of Retired Naval Personnel:-
Scholarships for handicapped children are admissible for first two school going children between ages of 3 to 25 years. The rates are as follows :-

                                   Day Scholar Rs.200/- p.m. & Boarder Rs.400/- p.m.

4. Lump Sum Grant on Death of Naval Pensioner:-

The lump sum grant-in-aid to Next-of-Kin on death of a pensioner after retirement is as follows:-

Officers:- Rs. 20,000/- Sailors:- Rs.10,000/-

5. Travel/Incidental Expenses:-

Naval pensioners required to be transferred from one service hospital to another out station service hospital for medical treatment have to incur substantial expenditure. To alleviate this financial hardship a grant of Rs.500/- as travel/incidental expenses is given on recommendation of concerned service hospital.

6. Rehabilitation Grant:-

All sailors on invalid out from service due to TB/Paraplegia/Leprosy etc. are given a rehabilitation grant of Rs.7,500/-

7. Assistance for Self Employment:-

Financial assistance up to Rs.20,000/- is given to ex-sailors in indigent circumstances for starting self help economic venture like KIOSKS besides supply of sewing machines etc. to widows.

8. Grant for Marriage of Children:-

Next-of-Kin of Naval Personnel who die in harness and as pensioner are given grant as under per child upto maximum of two daughters :-

Officers� Children Rs.20,000/- & Sailors� Children Rs.10,000/-

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