Op Vijay Star

Op Vijay Star


No. 116-Pres/2001 – The President is pleased to institute a medal for recognition of the services of Armed Forces personnel and civilians in the ‘OP VIJAY’ in 1999; and in this behalf, to make, ordain and establish the following ordinance

Firstly: The medal shall be styled and designated the “OP VIJAY STAR” (hereafter referred to as the medal).

Secondly: The medal shall be in the form of a six-pointed star with bevelled rays, made of tombac bronze, 40mm across with one point uppermost to which shall be fitted a ring for the Riband. On the obverse in the centre, it shall have the State Emblem with its motto superimposed and a circular band (2mm in width and 20mm in diameter at its outer edges) surrounding the State Emblem and broken at the heads of the lions. On this band shall be inscriptions “OP VIJAY STAR” on either side of the State Emblem in raised letters. The reverse of the medal shall be plain. A sealed pattern of the medal shall be deposited and kept.

Thirdly: The medal shall be worn suspended from the left breast by a silk Riband which shall be 32 mm in width. The Riband shall be divided into three equal parts of steel grey, with red and light blue stripes of 4mm each.

Fourthly The medal shall be awarded to all personnel of the following forces who participated in ‘OP VIJAY’ against the enemy in the area of conflict/operations on the ground, on the sea or in the air as specified below

Ground operations

Awarded to all personnel who of the following forces who participated in operations in and around Kargil on the ground, or in the air. The minimum qualifying service shall be one day in the Battle Zone/Air Fields or one operational sortie or a total of three flying hours as members of a crew in the battle zone

  • All ranks of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, any of the Reserve Forces, the Territorial Army and any other armed forces of the Union.
  • All ranks of the Para Military Force, Central Police Organisations and Police Forces which participated in operations under the command of the Army or in support of the Army in OP VIJAY.

Naval Operations

Awarded to all personnel of Navy who participated in the operations or remained in the maritime Battle zone. The minimum qualifying service shall be one day in the battle zone or one operational sortie or a total of three flying hours as member of the crew of Naval or Coast Guard aircraft, in the maritime zone. Paramilitary forces, which participated in the operation under the command of the Navy or in support of the Navy in Operation Vijay, will also be eligible.

Air Operations

Awarded to all Air Force personnel who operated from Srinagar, Awantipur, Leh, Thoise and Kargil or stayed in the battle zone for 10 days or more. In addition, all aircrew who flew at least one operational sortie or a min of 03 flying hours as member of crew in the battle zone, irrespective of the airfield of operation.

Fifthly The battle zones and qualifying areas prescribed for the purpose of award of this medal shall be as follows

(Refers to Map India and Adjacent countries)(1st Edition ) (40 miles)

Battle Zone

For Ground Operations

  • In the west, line joining Karobal Gali MU 0773 (incl) – Pt 3685 MU 0307 along Naruab N – Naruab MU 0062 along Raman Nala MU 0154 along Balb N – Baibnar bar MU 0546 – Sonamarg MU 1537.
  • In the East, along Shyok River upt Chalunka - along Tobe Lungpa to Nala June NQ 5788 – Pt 5673 NQ 5874 along Damkhar Lungpa 5667 – Damkhar NQ 4858 (incl up to Khalsi (Not incl)).

For Naval Operations

The Maritime Battle zone is defined as the sea area West of the Coast of Saurashira and Northwards from Latitude 20 deg 41 Min North and includes the coastal area upto one nautical mile landwards from Diu head to Jakhan Creek.

For Air Operations

One operational sortie or 03 flying hrs in the Battle Zone irrespective of air fields.

Period of Eligibility 01 May 99 to 31 Oct 99.

Sixthly A person who wins a gallantry award or is mentioned in dispatches or dies or sustains wounds or other disabilities while in service in the specified areas irrespective of the time limit, shall be eligible for this medal. The period of detention as a prisoner of war shall count towards the qualifying service for the medal.

Seventhly It shall be competent for the President to cancel and annul the award of the medal to any person, and also to restore it subsequently.

Eighthly It shall be competent for the Govt to frame such instructions as may be necessary to carry out these ordinances

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