The Indian Navy is the only institution in the country to undertake this adventure activity and develop it in a professional manner. Even the Army and the Air force, who have permanent access to the Cave regions, have not built this capability. The Navy also is the only organisation which has the capability to make and maintain the maps of all the caves in India. The Navy has trained about 20 personnel in this sport, some of them officers. The Navy intends to exploit this to the maximum by exposing as many people to this intense caving activity as possible over the years. The local support in Meghalaya comes from the Meghalaya Adventurers association, but some of our people who have attended these expeditions now have a higher knowledge level than most of the members of the MAA.

The Navy caving team comprising of two officers and eight sailors participated in an International Caving Expedition organized at Shillong by Meghalaya Adventurer Association from 01-28 Feb 10. The Naval contingent discovered five new caves and mapped a passage length of 05 Kms approx during the expedition.

Assessing & Reporting the Passage

Assessing & Reporting the Passage



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