S P B (Chennai)


In order to afford protection to the naval assets at Chennai, two Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) have been hired from trade (lease with crew) by HQENC. The FICs have been placed under the operational control of NOIC (TN & P) and are manned by Sagar Prahari Bal personnel and operate from the Chokhani Jetty.


The FICs are capable of speeds up to 45 knots with two 225 HP OBMs and are equipped with Radar, AIS, MMB set and Inmarsat (voice). The normal capacity of FICs is 10 + 02 crew and life saving capacity of 14 + 02. The FICs are capable of operation up to sea state four. The FICs additionally have facilities such as food heater, ice box and mariniesed toilet.


The SPB personnel carry out patrol in FICs round the clock. SPB personnel manning the FICs are armed with necessary arms.

Coastal and Harbour Patrol

The FICs undertake following VA/VPs patrol as follows :-

  • Harbour Patrol
  • Anchorage Patrol
  • VA / VP Patrol

Afloat QRT

The FICs are also tasked as Afloat QRT for responding to incidents in Chennai harbour / anchorage or in its vicinity till Sriharikota / Kalpakkam.

FPM Escort

The FICs primarily provide FPM cover of Naval assets approaching / departing from Chennai or provide seaward cover during helo ops at Adyar. The FICs escort Fleet ships, submarines and Flotilla ships from / up to ETA point of Chennai.

FPM at Anchorage

The vessel(s) at anchorage would comply with the orders of CLANDEF. Additionally, FICs are deployed for FPM and they keep fishing vessels / unauthorised craft clear of the anchored IN vessel during heightened state of security.


During heightened states of readiness / on specific intelligence, the FICs may be tasked for VBSS with MARCOS embarked additionally, when required SPB personnel are tasked to undertake Compliant VBSS under the charge of COC.

Marine Police / Customs / Fisheries Dept.

During Coastal Security Exercises or specific operations embarkation of Marine Police / Customs / Fisheries onboard FICs is authorised with clear directives to the personnel regarding the Command and Control.

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