Local Work Up Team (West)

Historical Background

The origin of Local Workup Team (West) goes back to 1974 when the Government of India approved the setting up of a Weapon Work Up Organisation (WWO) for the Indian Navy at Mumbai. In 1982, the unit’s mandate was enhanced to cover all aspects of warship activity. The WWO was re-constituted as Local Workup Team (West) post setting up of FOST organisation in 1992.

Function/ Role

LWT (W) is presently responsible for undertaking workup of minor war vessels based at Mumbai and Karwar. In addition, the unit also undertakes Surface Navigation Workup of Submarines and workup of Coast Guard ships based at Mumbai. The unit is capable of undertaking workup of ships and submarines concurrently and as a team of professionals strives to improve the overall training standards. In addition to imparting meaningful training LWT (W) also undertakes preparation and dissemination of documentation of immediate utility to ships. This entails compilation of technical data/ defects/ design deficiencies and dissemination of the same through various reports rendered from time to time. The unit’s constant aim is to identify the deficiencies in Ship’s organisation and facilitate course corrections to overcome them.

Major Achievements

The Work Up Team has tirelessly worked to uphold its motto of “Parishram, Prashikshan, Shresthata” (Hard work, training and excellence) and ensured that complete professional help is rendered to ships and submarines through meaningful interaction. The unit’s constant aim is to make the ships and submarines achieve the highest standards of professionalism.

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