INS Tunir


With the induction of Soviet Missile boats in 1967, a need was felt for a dedicated establishment for testing of missile storage and preparation. The first Missile Technical Position (TP) of the Indian Navy had got commissioned on 07 Jun 1974 by Vice Admiral J Cursetji, PVSM as INS Tunir. Since its commission, the unit has grown from strength to strength. The unit started with an inventory of only two missiles in the 1980’s while it has grown manifolds today. The motto, "We deliver on time every time" is truly engrained in the work ethos of this establishment and has been demonstrated time and again since the 1971 Indo-Pak war.


The basic charter of the unit is as follows:-

  • Storage/ Preservation and maintenance of all types of missiles /ground facilities assigned to Tunir.
  • Preparation/ Testing/ Tuning and delivery of missiles to ships/units.
  • Life extension / repairs of missiles and Missile Test Facilities (MTFs)
  • Setting up of Forward Technical Positions.

In addition to the above, the unit is actively engaged in indigenisation of critical missile technology, in conjunction with DRDO and private industry. The unit also undertakes, Russian Missile Maintenance Course (RMMC), Special Motor Transport Drivers (SMTD) Courses annually and Western Missile Maintenance Course (WMMC) bi-annually.

Major Achievements

The past three decades have witnessed addition of various new types of missiles to the inventory, with majority inductions taking place in the last decade. Apart from diversity of missiles, the sheer numbers have also seen a sharp rise. This large magnitude of operations which has been achieved without a single incident, is testimony to the professionalism of the unit. In addition to the basic charter, the unit has also been vigorously involved in indigenisation of a large number of spare parts. Close interaction with the academic world and defence missile hubs have helped the unit in solving many legacy problems where OEM support is not forthcoming. This is reflected in a number of unique projects being steered by the unit. A structured and focused review on entire spectrum of infrastructure and facilities has also been undertaken to enhance quality of life of all personnel and their families. Due to its geographical location, the unit has inherited a rich ecological heritage which has been improving constantly. This unit's focused efforts has made the Naval Station Karanja “Clean, Green, Serene".

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