Param Vir Chakra

Param Vir Chakra


President’s Secretariat Notification No 1-Pers/50 dated 26 Jan 1950.

Conditions of Eligibility

Awarded for most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, in the presence of the enemy, whether on land, at sea, or in the air. The decoration may be awarded posthumously.

If any recipient of the Chakra shall again perform such an act of bravery as would have made him or her eligible to be recorded by a Bar to be attached to the riband by which the Chakra is suspended, and for every such additional act of bravery, an additional Bar shall be added, and any such Bar or Bars may also be awarded posthumously. For every Bar awarded a replica of the ‘Chakra’ in miniature shall be added to the riband when worn alone.

Eligible Categories

Officers, men and women of all ranks of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, of any of the Reserve Forces, of the Territorial Army Militia and of any other lawfully constituted Armed Forces.

Matrons, Sisters, Nurses and the staff of the Nursing Services and other Service pertaining to Hospitals and Nursing, and Civilians of either sex serving regularly or temporarily under the orders, directions or supervision of any of the above-mentioned Forces.

Monetary allowance : Rs 10,000/- pm and each bar to the decoration Rs 10,000/- pm to all recipients.

Design of the Medal and Riband

Medal Circular in shape, made of bronze, one and three eighth inches in diameter and on obverse four replicas of ‘Indra’s Vajra’ with the State Emblem (including the motto) embossed in the centre. On its reverse, it shall have embossed Param Vir Chakra both in Hindi and English with two lotus flowers between Hindi and English. The fitting will be swivel mounting.

Riband Plain purple coloured Riband.

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