INS Trata

Parade during Commissioning ceremony of INS Trata

Parade during Commissioning ceremony of INS Trata

Historical Background

The word Trata in Sanskrit means ‘The Protector’. The unit was commissioned on 12 Dec 1964 when the Indian Navy took over the coastal battery at Colaba point, from the army, which is presently INS Kunjali. The then Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral BS Soman commissioned it as INS Trata. On 26 Aug 1988 the Navy’s MMCB squadron was inducted. It was placed under the command of the Commanding Officer, INS Trata, when it shifted to Worli in Aug 1992. INS Trata/ Mobile Missile Coastal Battery (MMCB) Squadron is unique in the Indian Navy in the sense that not only is it an operational Missile Squadron that is intended to provide Missile Coverage / Coastal defense to the Coast of Gujarat and Maharashtra but also a shore establishment.

Roles of MMCB Squadron

The roles of MMCB squadron include: -

  • Defend own naval bases against enemy ship attacks.
  • Defend own shipping against enemy ships.

Major Achievements

Major Achievements of the unit are as follows:-

  • WNC Combat firing Team has won the coveted INAMC Banner two times in a row. INS Trata is responsible for selection and training of the shooters of the Command for INAMC.
  • The unit has won the Command Environment Trophy three times in a row.
INMAC Banner

INMAC Banner

Command Environment Trophy  2011-12

Command Environment Trophy 2011-12

  • The unit has constructed a State-of-the-Art Mobile Command Platform (MCP) with Net Centric Operations equipment, communication sets and Action Information Organisation facilities. The MCP enables the unit to have a real-time picture of the tactical situation in any naval exercise.

Op availability of MMCBs and SSVs

The unit has ensured maximum and optimum Op availability of MMCBs and Specialist Vehicles.

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