Naval Officer In-charge (Gujrat) - DWARKA II

Historical Background

Naval Officer-in-Charge (Kathiawar) was constituted in 1966 and was stationed at Bombay. NOIC (Kathiawar) later shifted to INS Dharini and then to Okha. During 1971 operations, NOIC (Kathiawar) operated from present location of INS Dwarka, Okha. INS Dwarka was commissioned on 23 Nov 1972 and NOIC (Kathiawar) was also designated the Commanding Officer of this establishment. NOIC (Kathiawar) was re-designated as NOIC (Saurashtra) on 07 Jul 1983. The office of NOIC (Saurashtra) shifted to Dwarka II/Porbandar in the year 1985. Keeping in view the strategic and operational requirements, the organisation of INS Dwarka and NOIC (Saurashtra) was bifurcated in the year 1989. NOIC (Saurashtra) was re-designated as NOIC (Gujarat) with effect from 01 Jul 97.

Function/ Role

NOIC (Gujarat) exercises operational and administrative control over ships and other detachments, which are forward deployed at Forward Operating Bases at Porbandar and Okha from Mumbai, Goa and Karwar. The Charter of Duties of NOIC (Guj) are as follows: -

  • Responsible for Seaward and Coastal Defence of Gujarat including Daman & Diu.
  • Enforce Naval Control of shipping and Mine/War watching Organisation when activated.
  • Operational control of LND forces when placed under NOIC (Guj).
  • Harbour security.
  • Liaison with State Govt. and other agencies, Indian Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, and BSF authorities for coastal security and maritime defence.
  • Provide Op Logistic support to all ships in and around Gujarat area and to air detachments as and when established.

Role of Dwarka II

Dwarka II, as the depot establishment in Porbandar undertakes all the above mentioned activities on behalf of the NOIC (GJ).


  • Integration of operational and administrative assets in Gujarat Naval Area towards enhancing the overall preparedness towards cohesive and seamless combat worthiness of Western Naval Command.
  • Ensuring timely initiation and planning for construction of MAPs Phase II with 409 Dwelling Units and support infrastructure with modern facilities & amenities.
  • Planning and development of required operational and administrative infrastructure in Gujarat.
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