Inter Services - NDA

Inter Services - NDA

Name of Establishment, Location, Address and Nearest Railway Station
Name of Establishment, Location, Address and Nearest Railway Station
Name Location Address Fax Phone Railway Station
National Defence Academy Khadakvasla, Pune National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Pune 411 023 (0212) 25206828 (0212) 25206616 Pune
Climate and Altitude
Climate and Altitude
Altitude Climate Monsoon Annual rainfall
550 mts above sea level Dry during summer and not very cold in winter July and August Approximately 60 cms
Road Rail Air
Well connected to Pune Well connected to Pune The nearest airport is Pune from where flights operate to all metros
Clothing and Bedding

All cadets are issued with necessary clothing and equipment on arrival at the academy. They are required to bring following items of clothing and equipment at the time of joining the academy.

  • Vest white sleeveless - 2
  • Short white drill - 3
  • Shirts white full sleeves - 2
  • Trouser (white) - 1
  • Trouser (any sober colour) - 1
  • Ties - 1
  • Shoes black leather - 1 pair
  • Canvas shoe - 1 pair

Each cadet is allotted a furnished cabin. Messing and allied services (including light, water, conservancy and laundry) are provided.

Sports TV/Cinema
Sports Facilities for hockey, basketball, swimming, water polo, tennis, cricket, riding, polo, squash, football, boxing, athletics, volleyball, sailing and cross country There is a cinema hall at the academy where English and Hindi films are screened
Officers' Mess

Separate messes are provided for officers and cadets.

Domestic Help

Cadet orderlies are provided to look after the cadets during the stay at the academy.Batmen or private servants are not permitted.


Trainees are not permitted to bring/hold private arms/ammunition.


Trainees are not permitted to keep animals/pets.

Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants

Good hotels, restaurants and clubs are located in Pune.


Regular bus services run from Pune to Khadakvasla, a distance of approximately 32 kms. Taxis and scooter-rickshaws are also available on hire.

Medical Facilities

A Military Hospital and a Dental Centre are situated within the academy.


The academy has a well stocked library with a large number of technical, professional and other books, periodicals and magazines to enable cadets to keep abreast of the latest developments.

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