Talwar Class



  • INS Talwar (F 40)

    INS Talwar (F 40)


    Two crossed Swords on a red background.


    The Fighter'
  • INS Trishul (F 43)

    INS Trishul (F 43)


    A strong arm rising out from under the sea, holding the powerful Trident (Trishul in Hindi).

    Drawn From

    The Hindu Mythological legend of 'Trishul'


    The Powerful'
  • INS Tabar (F 44)

    INS Tabar (F 44)

    Two Battle Axes crossed against each other over a red background with three blue wave lines.

    The 'Tabar' is a weapon which finds a mention in various ancient Hindu scriptures as a preferred weapon of the Gods. Also known as the 'Parashu', it was wielded by the mythological 'Parashurama' who is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


    The supermacy of the Battle 'Axe' (Tabar) during War at Sea
  • The armed lethality at sea

F 40 Talwar

List of Capabilities/Features
Capabilities / Features Info Information
Displacement (Tonnes)  Full Load 6200
Dimension Length OA 163 M
  Beam 17.4 M
Speed (knots)   28
Complement   350 (40 Officers)
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