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The Navy Children School earlier known as The Naval Public School was established on 2 August 1965. It began in one big hall. Naval Public School joined hands with Nathanian school which was being run in the present lawn area. It began as a primary school with approximately 600 children. The hall was divided into two where both LKG and UKG students were accommodated. One facilitator and one office staff helped to run the school. Today NCS is a leading school in the chain of Navy Children Schools under the auspices of the Navy Education Society. It is administered by a Managing Committee set up in accordance with the Delhi School Education Act, 1973.

Proposed Plan for 2015-16

  • Setting up of Western Music Club
  • Provision of Concertina Coil on top of Perimeter Wall to enhance physical security of School
  • Fitment of additional Night Vision Cameras for CCTV system to enhance School’s Security System
  • Conduct of awareness workshop for students on Health and Hygiene, Child Abuses, Security, Road Safety, Cyber Crimes, Respect for Elderly people
  • Introduction of Aptitude and Intelligence testing for students of Class IX and X
  • Conduct of Career Counselling programmes
  • Conduct of Sports Coaching by engaging experts/coaches in Football and Basketball
  • Conduct of outward bound activities and field trips to heritage sites
  • Conduct of visits to orphanage and under privileged children’s home
  • Introduction of Students’ Exchange Programme among schools located in Delhi
  • Conduct of regular Faculty Development Programmes (workshops and seminars
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