Aadhaar Seeding

Simple Basic page

Aadhaar numbers of all Naval ESMs are being seeded into the Records at NAVPEN. This will facilitate the ESM in availing direct benefit transfer schemes of the Government, both by the Centre and State.

Veterans who have not updated their Aadhaar details with NAVPEN are requested to e-mail their Aadhaar details to navpen-navy@nic.in in the following format :-

1 Type of Pension:- Service / Family/ Disability  
2 Name of Naval Pensioner  
3 Personal No.  
4 Rank  
5 Aadhaar No. of the Pensioner  
6 Name of the Family Pensioner  
7 Relationship with the Pensioner  
8 Aadhaar No. of the Family Pensioner  
9 Address  
10 Phone No.  
11 Mobile No.  
12 Email Id  
13 Name of the Bank  
14 Branch  
15 Bank Account of the Pensioner