FAQs - Common Grievances and Suggested Action

I am not getting authorised rate of pension
  • Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) required to fix the pension as per relevant PCDA (P), Allahabad circulars. For example, if the pensioner is pre-2006 retiree, the Circular 501 is to be referred. All the tables of said circular are as per the Rank & Group of pensioner according to their date of retirement. As per the corresponding table, the pension is to be revised according as per the length of service.
  • No role of Naval Pension Office in the matter
  • To help pensioners, we write to the PDAs for correct fixing of pension and this action can be taken by the concerned CRSOs also.
Pre 2006 retired Hon Commission Officers requesting for parity in pension as per 6th CPC
The pension of the Hon Commission Officers, retired before pre – 2006 are to be revised as per the circular 501. W.E.F 24 Sep 12, the pension is to be revised as per the qualifying service
My husband has died, start my Family Pension
If name of the family pensioner is notified in the PPO then the PDA will commence the family pension after obtaining death certificate of husband and identify proof of the family pensioner. If the name has not been notified in the PPO then the family pensioner has to approach to Record Office/CABS for issue of Corrigendum PPO for commencement of Family Pension.
2nd wife requesting for pension in case of plural marriage
  • If married second time during the life time of First wife then second marriage is null and void and the second wife is not eligible for any benefit.
  • Children from second marriage is eligible for Family Pension.
Husband not supporting wife / children
No role of Navy. She has to approach Family Court and obtain maintenance.
Counting of Boys period for pension by Reservist pension cases
  • These drawing Reserving Pension does not benefit on counting of Boys period as they are in receipt of fixed amount of pension (Rs. 3500/- P.M.)
  • These sailors may be advised according if approached by them on this issue.
Banks not cooperating
  • Complaints against Bank staff are forwarded to Naval Pension Office as a routine.
  • Naval Pension Office has no direct role in the matter.
  • Individuals need to approach higher authorities in the respective Banks for redress.
  • Banking Ombudsman now available to resolve issues.
Loss of PPOs
  • In case of loss of Pensioner’s copy of PPO pensioner has to asked the same from his PDA.
  • If the bank copy of the PPO has been lost, the bank has to forward a loss certificate for issue of duplicate PPO from CDA.
Non – receipt of Corrigendum PPOs
  • Corrigendum PPOs are issued by CDA (N), including concerning revision post 6the CPC.
  • Since the number of pensioners is very large, this process takes many years to cover all pensioners.
  • Presently, ‘Project Sangam’ is underway for generation of Corrigendum PPOs to all ex-sailors.
  • A separate cell has been established at CABS to collate data, punching of PPOs as per format of PCDA(N) and around 40,000 PPOs are expected to be issued by PCDA(N), Mumbai.
Banks not restoring Commuted portion / enhancing
The commuted portion of pension is to be restored by the concerned PDA on completing of 15 years without any further instructions from anybody.
Disability Pension – Rounding Off (Broad Banding)
  • Benefit of rounding off to 50% (for drawing less than 50%), to 75% (for drawing between 50 to 75%) and to 100% for those drawing between 75% and above applicable only to the ex-sailors who have been invalided out of service.
  • Those getting discharged on Expiry of Engagement, with Disability Pension are not eligible for this benefit.
  • These requests are very common from all ex-sailors getting Disability Pension.
Large number of letters/PPOs returned by P&T for incomplete /wrong address of ex-sailors
  • Pensioners change residence often and fail to update their address with CABS. As a result, thousands of letters are returned by P&T for wrong address.
  • Ex-sailors, therefore complain for not receiving Corr. PPOs.
Request for payment of ex-gratia (Rs. Ten lakhs) on death in harness cases)
  • To receive Ex-Gratia payment of Rs. Ten lakhs the death should have occurred on duty.
  • Most units forwarding claims for all death in harness cases.
  • Even those commuting home on completion of duty are not eligible for this payment.
Ex-sailors with 10 years initial Engagement cases asking for pension
  • The minimum service for grant of service is 15 years.
  • Initial Engagement period prior to 1976 was 10 years. Even those having taken voluntary discharge now apply for pension
Where a pensioner can get information about changes in pension policies
All the latest pension policies/ orders are available in the website pcdapension.nic.in which is hosted by PCDA(P) Allahabad.