Release Centre

Release Centre is the section dealing with administration, release formalities and payment of terminal benefits in respect of all sailors awaiting release from naval service. On an average, 3000 sailors retire every year. The Release Centre is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring their smooth exit. The organisation is separate genform issuing authority for the sailors who report for release formalities. Release Centre is headed by the Officer-in-Charge and functions directly under the Logistics Officer-in-Charge, Naval Pension Office, who also carries out the following duties

  • Officer-in-Charge, NGIS.
  • SSO (Verification/Leave).
  • Officer-in-Charge, Placement Cell.

The Release Centre deals with the following categories of personnel:-

  • Sailors released on Expiry of Engagement (EOE) (discharged/ released on Medical ground/ Compassionate Grounds).
  • Widows / Next-of-Kin of the sailors who have died in action / harness.
  • All retired sailors (for Final Closing Balance & Retirement TA/DA claims only).


The Release Centre is responsible for the following:-

  • Arranging payments of terminal benefits such as Leave encashment, AFPP fund payment, NGIS Payment, to Retiring Sailors, as well as issue of the following documents.
  • Issue of documents namely
    • Discharge Book.
    • Certificate of Service.
    • Trade-cum-Experience-Certificates.
    • Graduation Equivalent Certificate.
    • National Classification of Occupation (NCO Code Certificate).
    • Sea Service Extract
    • PRDIES.
  • Maintain of proper accounting of NGIF and disbursement to retiring sailors.
  • Payment of Pending Enquiry Award (PEA) to widows / NOK.
  • Finalize Leave Encashment claims of BOD Sailors.
  • Payment of gratuity to non-pensioners.
  • Issue of last pay drawn certificate (LPDC).

Verification Section

Verification Section deals with all documentary aspects of sailors who are due to be released from the service by verifying their leave sheets and Service Certificates. Verifies Service Certificates / Service Books/ leave sheet / record of Sailors released/ discharged : -

NAVPEN Placement Cell liaises with the industry/ corporate to ensure a second career opportunity to retiring/ retired sailors.

Pension Section (Sailors)

This Section undertakes the following :-

  • Service Pension/Rank Revision for issue of Pension Payment Order (PPO).
  • Revision of Pension Claims.
  • Claims for Disability Pension.
  • Claims for sanction of Family Pension.
  • Appeal Medical Cases
  • Operates Pension Help Desk to address pension grievances.
  • Legal and establishment matters..
  • Reservist Pensions.
  • ECHS memberships of retiring sailors.

General Branch Section

General Branch Section deal with records updation & validation issue (except pension) related to ex-sailors and their families. It also interacts with various agencies Viz. Zilla Sainik Board/Central Govt. /State Govt. /Private Organizations apart from IHQ, MoD(N), Command Headquarters and other Naval Units.

Other Functions of GB Section

  • Issue of Duplicate Discharge/ Service Certificate.
  • Enrollment in DSC as JCO and Pre-verification of Enrollment in to DSC as Clerk (GD)/Sepoy (GD).
  • Issue of Sea Service Extract.
  • Registration of New Born Child/Marriage registration.
  • Employment Assistance to the Dependent of Late Sailors.
  • Counting of Former Service and Pay Fixation.
  • Verification of Character, Antecedents and Dependents.

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Officers Pension Section

The section collates documents required to process officer’s pension and ensures timely issuance of PPOs to them

Record Section

Master Record Room deals with maintenance and upkeep of master records, index cards, accounting of 'P' & 'D' dockets, issue of dockets to various section, proper filing of documents, weeding out of old records.

This section deals with RTI cases, Legal Notice of Representations and other legal issues.

Medical Section

This section examines medical documents for sanction of attributable/ aggravation of disability of in respect of sailors being released in low medical category.