Important Circulars issued by PCDA(P) Allahabad




Circular 500

Minimum guaranteed pension to Pre-2006 Commissioned Officers / Family Pensioners

Circular 547

Minimum guaranteed pension to Pre 2006 JCO and OR/ Family Pensioners

Circular 555

Implementation of One Rank One Pension to Defence Pensioners dated 04.02.2016.pdf

Circular 568

Revision of pension of Pre-2006 pensioners/ family pensioners – delinking of qualifying service of 33 years

Circular 570

Revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Retirees as per 7th CPC

Circular 596

Broad-banding of disability pension for Pre 2016 Retirees

Circular 30

Revised rate of Gallantry Awards w.e.f 01 Aug 2017

Circular 165

Clarification on various nature of complaints received from pensioners/ family penisioners:-

(a) Release of withheld amount of gratuity/ DCRG

(b) Restoration of commuted portion of pension after 15 years of retirement (Circular 191 dated 23 Mar 17 is also relevant)

(c) Payment of Fixed Medical Allowances

(d) Payment of Additional Quantum of pension/family pension to pensioner of 80 years of age and above(Circular 191 dated 23 Mar 17 and 209 dated 14 May 19 are also relevant).

(e) Payment of Dearness Relief on pension/ family pension.

(f) Payment of Dearness Relief during re-employment of pensioners/ family pensioners (Circular 200 dated 12 Apr 18 is also relevant).

(g) Compensation by the Agency banks for delay in crediting pension/ family pension/ arrear thereof

Circular 184

Issue of Pension Slip to pensioners/ family pensioners

Circular 188

Exemption of Income Tax from Pension/ Family Pension received with Gallantry Award

Circular 203

Delay in commencement of family pension to spouse on death of pensioners

Circular 206

Transfer of pension account from one Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) (Bank) to another PDA

Circular 213

Consolidated Instructions for PDA to ensure smooth payment of Pension/ Family Pension i.r.o Pensioners/ Family Pensioners